Live Social Discovery App Yubo Embraces Australia’s Diverse Gen Z Market

Yubo, a global social discovery platform, highlights Gen Z’s desire for genuine friendships, self-expression, and a real digital experience.

As social media becomes a key fixture of online life, the Gen Z demographic makes up a large part of the global user base. Aged 13 to 25, these “digital natives” are highly conversant with digital technology. They also frequently chat on a range of social media platforms, sometimes adding online-only friendships to their respective social circles.

Live social discovery app Yubo maintains a strong presence in the global Gen Z market. This Paris-based company has over 60 million users in more than 140 countries. Yubo’s continued growth likely stems from its emphasis on authentic interactions, often the foundation for online friendships. In 2024, Yubo broadened its focus to include the highly diverse Australian market.

Snapshot of the Australian Social Media Landscape

In February 2024, the We Are Social consulting platform issued its Digital 2024 Australia Report. Prepared in conjunction with data analysis firm Meltwater, this wide-ranging report provided an overview of Australian social media (plus other digitally focused topics).

In 2024, the Australian population collectively has 20.80 million social media identities. This number translates to 86.5 percent of the country’s adult population. Although slightly down from 2023’s statistics, this number indicates that social media continues to be a major component of users’ online activities.

The user breakdown shows an almost equal number of male and female social media users. And although user numbers show a slight decline, Australians still log on to an average of six social platforms every month.

What’s Behind the Pattern Change

The Digital 2024 Australia Report offers a plausible reason for this shifting usage trend. According to the report’s findings, users may be increasingly selective in their platform choices. Perhaps they are spending less time on “one size fits all” sites and finding niche platforms that better cater to their values and interests.

Young Users Gravitate to Social Networking Platforms

During the past five years, social networking sites and apps have each continued to carve out their own slice of the social media pie. In May 2021, the Australian Communications and Media Authority issued its Digital Lives of Younger Australians Report.

Among other findings, the report stated that an “overwhelming majority of 18-to-34-year-olds” maintain connections with social networking sites. This demographic includes the upper half of the Gen Z cohort. The profiled young users are “more likely” than older demographics to access these sites – and to use a greater number of them.

Despite these impressive usage trends, the report showed that young users are very concerned about their online privacy. For its part, the Australian Communications and Media Authority expressed concern about online bullying and other negative behaviors. The Authority emphasized “the importance of ensuring that protective measures move in step with the behaviours of younger people within this highly fluid landscape.”

Yubo’s Live Social Discovery App Invites Real Connections

Social media platforms often revolve around generic newsfeeds plus “Likes” and “Follows.” Some user interactions may carry a less-than-positive tone. Surprisingly, similar-interest groups may lack cohesion and acceptance of all members. Taken together, these impressions may cause some users to become disillusioned with the social media experience.

An Innovative New Way to Engage

In 2024, many users are exploring social discovery platforms (including Yubo) that promote authentic interactions. On these platforms or apps, users connect on the basis of mutual interests and goals. Stated another way, two individuals often cultivate relationships built on a foundation of common ground.

Maybe these fast friends chat about a shared culture, similar hobbies, mutual music tastes, or “must-have” foods. Regardless of the topic, finding similar interests is key to forming a growing bond.

To promote satisfying user experiences, some social platforms (including Yubo) direct same-aged users to a common chat room.  They’re more likely to find common ground compared to different-aged users. In addition, placing two same-aged users together helps promote online user safety.

A Strong Focus on Authenticity

The Yubo platform is completely free of often-stressful “Likes” and “Follows.” This form of peer pressure may cause some young users to act in ways that don’t reflect who they are. With these features off the table, users are invited to bring out their real personalities.

Learning about other users’ stories is also part of the journey. By being appreciative of others’ cultures and experiences, young users can take steps to form solid online friendships.

Yubo Users Choose Their Connection Method

Yubo’s leadership team knows users like to connect in different ways. That’s why users have three options to interact with other teens and young adults from across the globe.

The Two-Way Profile Tag Feature

Yubo’s popular profile tag feature has enabled more than six million users to meet others with similar values and interests. This two-part feature is simple to use.

When a user creates their platform profile, they select from certain topic tags. If an individual searches for others with specific tags, each relevant user’s name will appear.

One-to-One Personal Chats

By engaging in a personal chat, two users can get acquainted without any distractions. First, both users become “friends” within the Yubo app. Now, they’re free to chat about virtually any topic that piques their interest. Naturally, all user chats should comply with the Yubo Community Guidelines, to which every user agreed during the signup process.

Highly Popular Livestreams  

Yubo’s flagship livestreams (or “Lives”) have taken the Gen Z world by storm. In fact, Lives are Yubo’s most often-used communication vehicle. Each Live resembles a group of close friends getting together in a familiar gathering spot.

Each Yubo Live features one to 10 users streaming at once. A streamer may chat about their daily routine, showcase their musical or artistic talent, or voice an opinion on a current trend. To spice up the conversation, an unlimited number of users can chime in with their thoughts.

Yubo’s Top Priority is Online User Safety

Yubo’s leadership team is committed to providing every platform user with a safe online experience. To achieve this goal, the company maintains a five-component User Safety Program:

  • Age Verification for Every User
  • Dual-Benefit Age-Gating Procedures
  • Livestream Audio and Video Moderation
  • 24/7 Monitoring by Safety Specialists and Algorithms’
  • Ongoing Guidance from Yubo’s Safety Board

The Yubo Safety Board Provides Valued Expertise

Yubo’s well-regarded Safety Board provides ongoing and as-needed guidance for online safety issues. This respected international body is composed of recognized experts from organizations such as The Center for Missing & Exploited Children, INTERPOL, Thorn, and The Diana Award.

In addition, Yubo maintains close ties with non-governmental organizations (or NGOs) along with other international groups. Together, all parties work toward achieving safe, enriching online experiences for users of all ages and backgrounds.

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