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Top 5 Tracks of Jonas Blue

We know how excited you are to be swept away by music through Jonas Blues Top 5 Tracks. Australian Unwrapped would like to give you first a glimpse of the life of the artist. Enjoy reading and listening!

All about Jonas Blue 

Who is Jonas Blue: Guy James Robin, who is widely recognized with his stage moniker, Jonas Blue, is an English DJ, record producer, songwriter, and remixer who went viral for his release of tropical house cover of Tracy Chapman’s 1988 single “Fast Car”. This debut single made it to UK Singles Chart Top 2 spot and considered in the highest rank in Germany, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand, and Spotify in US.

Full Name: Guy James Robin

Born: August 2,1989

Origin: London, England

Genres: Dance-pop – EDM – Tropical house

Zodiac: Leo

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Jonas Monday was the first idea in Guy’s mind for his stage name then later on thought of blue as something fresh and Jonas sounded a mystery.
Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ was his mom’s favorite song when he was baby so he made a livelier version that she can play as she run on the treadmill.
He admires Ellie Goulding and he likes her track Jaheim’s ‘Just in Case’ a lot.

We freaking love music here at Unwrapped, and we adore Jonas Blue. In our humble opinion, here are the BEST FIVE SONGS by the legendary Jonas Blue (most liked, listened and downloaded songs) across the web!!!

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Five All-Time Best Songs of Jonas Blue

        1. Fast Car
        2. Perfect Strangers
        3. Mama
        4. Rise
        5. Ritual

Fast Car

Length: 3:32

Release: 2016

Opening Lyrics:

Oh, woah, oh
Oh, oh
You got a fast car
I want a ticket to anywhere
Maybe we’ll make a deal
Maybe together we can get somewhere
Any place is better
Starting from zero got nothing to lose
Maybe we’ll make something
Me myself I got nothing to prove
You got a fast car
I got a plan to get us out of here
I’ve been working at a convenience store
Managed to save just a little bit of money
Won’t have to drive too far
Just ‘cross the border and into the city
You and I can both get jobs
And finally see what it means to be living

Perfect Strangers

Length: 3:16

Release: 2016

Opening Lyrics:

You were looking at me like you wanted to stay
When I saw you yesterday
I’m not wasting your time, I’m not playing no games
I see you
Who knows the secret tomorrow will hold?
We don’t really need to know
‘Cause you’re here with me now, I don’t want you to go
You’re here with me now, I don’t want you to go
Maybe we’re perfect strangers
Maybe it’s not forever
Maybe the night will change us
Maybe we’ll stay together
Maybe we’ll walk away
Maybe we’ll realize
We’re only human
Maybe we don’t need no reason
Maybe we’re perfect strangers
Maybe it’s not forever
Maybe the night will change us
Maybe we’ll stay together
Maybe we’ll walk away
Maybe we’ll realize
We’re only human
Maybe we don’t need no reason why


Length: 3:04

Release: 2017

Opening Lyrics:

Where should we run to?
We got the world in our hands and we’re ready to play
They say we’re wasted
But how can we waste it if we’re loving every day?
Okay, I got the keys to the universe
So stay with me
‘Cause I got the keys, baby
Don’t wanna wake up one day wishing that we’d done more
I wanna live fast and never look back, that’s what we’re here for
Don’t wanna wake up one day, wondering, “where’d it all go?”
‘Cause we’ll be home before we know, I wanna hear you sing it
Hey, mama, don’t stress your mind
We ain’t coming home tonight
Hey, mama, we gonna be alright
Dry those eyes


Length: 3:14

Release: 2018

Opening Lyrics:

We’re gonna ri-ri-ri-ri-rise ’til we fall
They said we got no no no no future at all
They wanna ke-ke-keep us down but they can’t hold us down anymore
We’re gonna ri-ri-ri-ri-rise ’til we fall
When we hit the bottom, then it goes up
Climb to the top with you
We could be the breaks, ones who never made yeah
I could be talking to you
They tryna hate hate hate
But we won’t change, change anything at all
We’re gonna ri-ri-ri-ri-rise ’til we fall
They think we just dropped out
Living at my mom’s house
Paris must be so proud
They know it all
They don’t speak our language
They say we’re too savage
No, no we don’t need them anymore


Length: 3:18

Release: 2019

Opening Lyrics:

Too high, too deep
It’s you, it’s me
Too wild, too free, oh, yeah
One thing to me
Three words, I speak
When you’re with me, babe
Oh, come on, come on
However I act, you know how much I care
Come on, come on
You know what I want, now meet me if you dare
Love on the run, love on the run, run
Do anything to be there, be there
And I’m always singing it like a prayer
Oh, when you touch me there
Oh, you’ll always be my ritual
Always, love you all through the night and
Be there when the sun is rising
Oh, you’ll always be my ritual


Jonas Blue : A Song List Worth Listening

I hope you enjoyed listening to Jonas Blue !

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