Australia is well known for protecting civil and political rights with great institutions a vibrant press and a working civil society, however fundamental human rights issues have been in the center of national political and social policy debate.


Australia is a multicultural society with a vibrant democracy, however Australian human rights record is becoming subject to international critique. Aside from rights guarantee, found in the Australian constitution, the current and previous parliaments have failed to provide clear and effective protection of many human rights.

Australia remains the only developed nation, without comprehensive constitutional or legislative protection of human rights it provides very limited protection for human rights including:

  • Prohibition against common wealth giving preference to a particular religion over others
  • Freedom of discrimination on the basis of state residence
  • Trial by jury
  • Acquisition of property on just terms
  • Freedom of political expression and the right to vote


According to a report by human rights watch (world report 2016), Australia was condemned for human rights violations including:

Approach to Asylum Seekers And Refugees

Since 1992 Australians governments have maintained a policy of indefinite mandatory arbitrary detention of asylum seekers to date. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm turnbull insisted that his government will maintain its tough stance on border controls he warned that softening of Australia’s border security policies would open the flood gates for illegal people smugglers


Rights to The Disabled

Most of Australians with disability face human right violation at some time in their life including the neglect of their basic needs and access to social amentities. many disabled people  lack awareness of their rights or where to go if their rights are violated.

Aboriginal Australians

A significant gap exists between aboriginal and non-aboriginal Australians relating to standards of health and living, political participation administration of justice and land rights, access to adequate housing and education

Same Sex Marriage/Marriage Equality

The introduction of same sex marriage in Ireland, following a national referendum in 2015 created a fresh debate in Australia of marriage and equality agenda. The LGBT community feels discriminated because of lack of specific human rights protection, like

  • Equal rights of same sex couples,
  • Homophobia,
  • Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation
  • Access to health and services


On July 2nd Australians will go to the poll to elect the next Australian government, like all elections the people have a chance to choose the type of government they want to have during the next three years

Amnesty international international called on all parties in the upcoming federal election to show leadership on human rights “we encourage the next government irrespective of whoever forms it to ensure human rights are a bed rock on which domestic and international policy is formed

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