How to Write a Blog Article That Gets Traffic

How to Write a Easy Blog Article That Gets Traffic in 10 Minutes

Writing a blog article is easy. But writing one that gets you excellent traffic is a challenge…

And let’s face it. You do not write blog articles for the sake of stuffing your site. You do so to get traffic and viewers.

For that reason, every article you write must be excellent.

Below, we’ll give you a simple routine to help you write the perfect blog article. Follow it, and you’ll increase your chances of going viral!

(1) Learn to Pick Topics.

This means knowing what your audience wants.

Don’t publish content just because it seems interesting to you. Publish content that is already an interest for your readers…

Regardless of your niche, those topics should be plenty.

To brainstorm some topic ideas, ask yourself what people commonly search for in your niche.

Those will usually be “FAQs.” Or, they’ll be “how to do” articles (just like this one).

(Example): Let’s say you run a fitness blog. You can write about “food hacks” that provide more energy. Or you can write about “tips” to speed up weight loss.

People all over the internet search for those.

Alternatively, writing about “specific meals to consume” may be less interesting. It’s still an important topic. But it might not be one that’ll get you tons of views…

Learning to pick topics is vital because that’s how you get shares. It’s also how you get the eyes of authentic bloggers who may drive traffic to you.

(2) Write Then Park (For a Few Days).

Never write, edit, and publish an article in a single day. A viral article is a masterpiece whose design takes time…

Take as much time as you need to research content for your article. Take time to collect facts, information, and to include your experience as suitable.

After that, proceed with writing. This should take you an hour tops, since that’ll be your 1st draft…

After writing, park the article, and forget about it. Let 1-2 days pass before you revisit what you wrote.

Why should you do that? Well, this is to ensure that the revision process will be fruitful. You want to return and read your article with a very critical eye.

And with a critical eye, you’ll be doing a lot of edits.

(3) Revise and Shorten.

Revisions aim to make articles easy to read. You don’t want a “scholarly” looking article that repels readers.

You want to simplify words. You want to break down concepts. And you want to respect your reader’s attention span.

Now revisions increase depending on the article’s length. Long articles with detailed content (1500 words+) should take you a while to revise…

You might need a few days for those.

Also, remember to revise facts you include. You don’t want to quote something that lacks credibility, or else you lose yours. For that, you may need to consult pals with expertise.

(4) After Revising – Add in the SEO.

Contrary to common belief, SEO should always come last.

You see, SEO should be taken care of if you follow step 1 properly. If you have an article topic that answers important questions, you’ll find good keywords…

Do your SEO search last, and do the SEO editing after that. That way, you won’t be tempted to compromise your article quality for SEO…

If you limit yourself with specific keywords, your article will look forced. And it won’t attract positive attention from readers.

(5) Publish… Then Market Heavily.

Heavy marketing isn’t done on the spot. It’s something you spread out through a campaign.

Want to know why? It’s because a viral “high traffic article” doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a while to get an article to the world’s attention.

An exception to that would be if you’re a famous blogger or personality. And if you are, you probably don’t need this article…

Your marketing should attract the eyes of potential readers. And they should also rank your article higher due to backlinks.

Create a list of article directories and prepare a PR campaign. Jump on social media, and redirect people to your article to solve problems.

And if you can, contact people to review your content on their domains.

Basically, market yourself to exhaustion. And try to spread the word to as many people as possible.

And That is How You Write a Successful Article…

The previous should be a routine if you’re a serious blogger. And as you can see, it’s something that’s time-intensive.

But if you’re committed, you’ll succeed as a blogger. Just keep writing, perfecting, and marketing excellent articles!

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