How to Work Out When You Have a Busy Schedule

Taking care of your health and finding time to work out can be very difficult if you have a busy schedule. But you must remember that everyone has 24 hours in their hands, and people who prioritize their health and well-being will find a way to work out between work. 

Staying healthy is easy today with the help of technological advancements. There are devices that can help you track your heart rate, footsteps and sleep quality. Moreover, devices like an under-desk treadmill can work out even when working, so you have no excuse. There is a solution to every problem. You just have to be willing to find it.

Here are some ways you can manage your time and workout even when you have a busy schedule:

Set an early alarm

Working out in the morning has tremendous benefits. If you wake up early and work out, you tick off an important task from your “to-do list” first thing in the morning. Waking up early and working out in the morning means you don’t have to dedicate time towards working out in between the day or between essential tasks. 

Use the weekend for high-intensity workouts

If you dedicate only 20-30 minutes during the weekday to working out, you can give it more time during the weekend. Make the weekends your ultimate shredders and dedicate an hour to your body. You can combine weight, aerobics or both in these workout schedules. 

Use an under-desk treadmill to stay active during work

An under-the-desk treadmill can be valuable for maintaining fitness and improving your health. 

Being stuck to your chair and working on your computer for hours can affect your well-being. Sedentary jobs also lead to various diseases and health issues. An under-the-desk treadmill helps you stay fit while working at your desk. 

Sneak a workout during your lunch break

Schedule a workout during your lunch break if you can’t take time out in the morning. Utilize your 60-minute lunch break to sneak in a little 20-minute workout. Not only will you be doing your health a great favor, but you will also feel energized throughout the day. 

Move while watching TV

Instead of binge-watching your favorite snack while watching TV, use this time to move your body. You can do your squats or jumping jacks while watching your favorite movie or show. Clear out some space between the TV and your couch to work out. If you want some extra motivation, you can keep your dumbbell or jumping rope near your remote so that you are reminded to work out whenever you plan to watch the new episode of your favorite show.

Try HIT workout

High-intensity interval training is the best bang for your time if you have a limited time. Just give yourself 10-15 minutes, and you will have a banger workout that makes you feel accomplished throughout the day. Don’t think that just because these workouts are short-duration, they are ineffective. These routines will leave you gasping for air in no time.

Include walking in your work commute

Pack your work essentials in a backpack and walk to work. Moreover, take the stairs instead of the lift in your workplace. This way, you can move your body without dedicating extra time. 

Why Staying Active is So Important?

Physical activity can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing diseases. Studies have shown that regular exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease, manage weight, lower cholesterol, and even reduce cancer risk. 

Here are a few unconventional reasons to stay active:

Improves your mental health: You may wonder what the relation between your physical and mental health is. But having a healthy body also has tremendous benefits on your mental well-being. If you look from a purely aesthetic perspective, having a fit body makes you feel confident and good about yourself. Moreover, physical activity blocks negative thoughts and daily worries, leading to excellent mental health.

Reduces your visits to the doctor: Working out regularly also improves your immune system. Research has shown that moderate-intensity workouts can boost immunity at the cellular level. These workouts improve your immunity circulation and protect you from diseases. This, in turn, reduces your doctor visits, leading to fewer medical expenses. 


Even if you have a busy schedule, you must take at least 30 minutes for your body. You can include quick workouts during your leisure time, watching TV, or even working at your desk. Working out has excellent benefits that go beyond your physical health. Therefore, include a workout in your daily routine for a 360-degree health guarantee. You must recognize that exercise is an investment in your well-being and productivity, and by prioritizing it, you are giving yourself a great gift.



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