How to Train a Cat to Walk on a Leash?

Procedure to Train A Cat to Walk on Leash

This article is another piece of our series, how to train a cat (cats training tutorials).

Like we human, cats love to see something new and adventurous occasionally. Being a good owner, it is very important for you to teach your cat walking on a leash so not only your cat can enjoy outdoor adventures along with you but also can have a good time on emergency travelling.

Why and How to Train a Cat to Walk on Leash / Harness?

It is also good to teach your kitty walking along with you so you can have the best check on her outdoor activities instead of it ran away secretly and get hit by some car.

I am serious!

There are many cases reported in which cats found the door opened, escaped, and hit by a car on a nearby road.

Hopefully, you would never want this happen to your pet. Better to provide her with great fun by taking her to a morning walk along with you. So, later when you will be at the office, she can stay or sleep at home happily.

Furthermore, emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. Travelling can become a MUST do the thing. Such as visiting a vet trips, going out of the city for several days so you can’t leave your kitty all alone at home. Having untrained cat will become a big headache for you as she can react very negatively on the voices of vehicles on the road, crowd or other open areas whatever will be really new to her. It is good and recommended to make her familiar with the outdoor environment too.

Before, we move to the actual step by step training about how to train a cat to walk along with you, there are few important points to be considered, such as:

#1- How to Train a Cat – Choosing Best Leash or Harness

A first and very important point to be considered is finding the best leash or harness for your cat. If your kitty will feel comfortable, she will learn faster. Best time for introducing a leash to a cat is while she/he is a kitten as little ones accept new things easily than older cats. However, it isn’t impossible to teacher older cats too but of course bit hard.

The leash shouldn’t be too tight, too loose. Notice your kitty behaviour after offering a leash to find the best one. How to train a cat is the most searched question for many cats lovers because mostly the same procedure works on many cats. But some cats can have their own specific feline personalities which differ them from others.

#2 – Have Plenty of Patience While Following How to Train a Cat Tutorial

Having patience is very important for cats owners. You might hear dogs are obedient spirits while cats are free spirits. Cats training can take longer than dogs training because of her moody nature. Following this tutorial ” How to train a cat to walk on a leash ” will not be a few minutes job, it can take weeks of weeks to teach her as you desired. So, having patience will make your journey easier.

#3- Bribery Works

Even we human wants appreciation & rewards for our good deeds, then why cats don’t expect? Having a handful treats while teaching something to your cat. When she follows your command, say a louder “yes” or “yayy”, and don’t forget to give her something so she can understand that she did well. Never be too strict, don’t scold her anyway, it will increase negative behaviour instead of any positive response you are expecting.


Cat’s Training to Walk on Leash

Here is a step by step guide to learn, how to train your cat to walk on a leash or on your commands;

Step 1: Introducing leash

Get a leash jacket or harness, let her wear at home for 3-5 days so she can get familiar with it. Let her eat, sleep or even play while wearing that.

Step 2: Indoor Cats Training at Home

Take about 6 meters long leash and attach it with her jacket but don’t force. And, let her go anywhere and play. This phase is training her at home before going on the road.

Step 3: Make Her Familiar With Different Walking Commands

Try to talk, and let her get introduced with different possible commands and obeying.

Such as; Say her, walk the walk and let her walk, if she obeys, reward her with a delicious treat, yay.

Keep trying unless she starts following you.

Walk, stop, sit and stand are commonly used commands. You can also teach her to climb and jump for more adventurous trips.

Step 4: Cat Training At Front of Your Home

Once you are confident that she is ready to go out. Practice everything in front of your home, to assure everything is fine. All you need to remove her fears and increase her confidence for outdoor.

Step 5: Ready to Go

You’re all set to go out. Take your kitty along for morning walk while less rush on roads. Later, you can try other places too.

Final Words:

Some cats owners think that cats can’t be trained as dogs can. But, we say that you can train a cat better than a dog. It will be long and full of patience practice but it isn’t something impossible. Treating your kitty as your own baby isn’t just pleasurable for your cat but also will be so enjoyable for you too. You won’t feel alone while having a companion like a cute creature along with you.

Here is an inspirational video of a cat owner, who raised his cat like a dog.

Video: youtube

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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