How to Pitch Australia Unwrapped

At Australia Unwrapped .com we believe that everyone has a great story to tell, and we love hearing them. However, as you know this blog has been set up to document an individual journey towards weight loss and improved physical and mental well-being, and while of course, we would love to hear from you and your experiences before you go into too much detail here are some guidelines on keeping your pitch, or offer’s of collaboration short and on point.

Pitch Unwrapped

1.     Read the blog before you pitch.

Take the time to read our story and hardships of staying healthy in a world designed around convenience. Understand our style and to be honest if you have not taken the time to know what we are all about, it’s likely we won’t be able to find the time to understand what you’re all about.

2.     Whats’s Needed

Australia Unwrapped .com is about healthy living with a minimal environmental footprint, we firmly believe that the earth has blessed us with an opportunity to walk upon it, and by looking after our environment, the world will look after us. Therefore please make sure your stories are in line with our values, ensure your exercise, diets and routines have as little impact as is reasonable on our environment. So fun, detailed stories of your journey toward both a sustainable world and a sustainable healthy body, mind and soul.

3.     Double Checked it Not Already Covered

A quick browse around the site will ensure the topic you are covering has not previously explored, and if it has then please either come at it form a unique and fresh value-adding viewpoint. Australia Unwrapped .com is about both the journey and the destination; we are wanting motivational bright, fun and unique ideas, ones that others can share and enjoy.

4.     Keep Everything Very Clear

We are an inclusive site, and love points of view from the rich tapestry of humanity, there is no right or wrong only experience. However keep it clean, this is about individual health journeys and like ocean waves they will come and go, be supportive and contrutive in your approach.

5.     Who Are You?

When you pitch tell us about yourself, who you are and whats are your goals, views and attitude towards a life long journey towards well-being. Also, have you been published before, if so where, let’s collaborate and together help, support and nurture each individual’s journeys? Also, if you have social media, then be sure to connect with us.

6.     Have Fun

Most of all, make sure you are doing this for the right reasons for fun, not just to gain backlinks from a high authority site like Australia Unwrapped .com. We want you to enjoy, have a passion and honestly believe in the battle and struggle to maintain a healthy body and mind.

7.     Give a Follow Up Message

If after seven days you have not heard back then send us a follow-up message, if you message daily to follow up then will likely end up in the spam box, sorry. We want your help to build a fantastic site; also Australia Unwrapped  will endeavour to get back to everyone who contacts us within five working days.

8.     Please note

Make sure you include all relevant contact information, as requested, day time telephone number, city of operation, and details required in our Pitch submission form. (HERE)

9.     We are unable to accept:

Faxed submissions.

Telephone queries.

Simultaneous submissions.

Previously published material.

Articles that result from incentivisation, such as press trips, free meals or products etc.

I Dave Peterson and the entire team at Australia Unwrapped  look forward to working with you.