How to Make Money on Fiverr?

Tricks to Earn Money In Fiverr

Fiverr – An online marketplace to sell your products and services online. Like there is also a big competition on Fiverr.

We have already shared best bidding tips to get noticed on freelancer and now it is time to talk about Fiverr success. Fiverr is a bit different than other freelancing platforms. You have to create product/service gigs and client/buy has to come on your gig to place an order. While, usually on freelancing websites, buyer/client just post his/her requirements and being freelancer, you have to bid to get that project.

This is the reason that most of top freelancers fail on Fiverr because learning unique Fiverr gig promotion tips is really important for generating passive income on this platform too.

Do’s & Don’ts on Fiverr

In this article, we are going to discuss all the positive and negative points which can directly or indirectly affect your reputation, sales and your income. What should you do? OR what should you ignore? Following right path is important to reach on right destination. The wrong or zigzag path will reach nowhere.

#1- Be Unique

Choosing a great service or product will ensure your success somehow. Such as don’t be same as thousands other. There are three main ways to be unique.

  1. Offering a product or service which isn’t already listed on Fiverr
  2. Offering the best quality service to beat the competition
  3. Offering the common services with high quality at low price to be affordable by many buyers

Hopefully, you got the point that either come up with something really new so you can target a unique group of audience or being best in your field to give a reason to your buyers to place orders. 3rd isn’t recommended but you can try when you have common skills. Such as if you are a writer and want to offer your writing services, keep in mind there are already thousands of writers’ gigs already.

#2- Quick Turnarounds

Everyone wants to be on top priority and no doubt everyone wants to be served as soon as possible. Surely, you can’t start everyone’s work altogether, also nobody can guarantee that all days would be the same to work. Maybe someday you are sick, have guests at home or just bad mood so unable to work. So, keep everything in mind and try to give the fastest possible delivery time such as if you need 1 day for a work, you can add one extra day + same day as priority service. Such as standard delivery would be within two days while extra fast delivery can be in one day. Or whatever suits you best. But, allowing your buyers to choose extra fast service option to be a priority customer.

#3- Be Original

Being original is the best policy for any online business success. There are people who use female names or pictures to create a profile by thinking, they can win more orders by doing so. LOL

That is not true at all. Always use your own real name or the brand name whatever you want to use but that should be real and verifiable. Once you will be having real you, you will get more orders as buyers will trust you more.

#4- Be Responsive

It might sound silly to many but it is really important for business success. Communicate timely and always guide your buyer in extreme details by using nice words. You have to make your buyers very important for you and in reality, they are, as a number of positive reviews & repeated customers are the only way to succeed on Fiverr.

#5- Be Thankful

Leaving a unique reply to every feedback you got on your profile will be a great idea. Your potential buyers will read feedbacks on your profile before placing order. It will increase your chances if you prove yourself responsive by showing your good interactions with previous buyers.

#6- Targeting Keywords

There is a possible reason to not have many views on your gig that you might not be targeting right keywords or having only one gig. The solution is; create multiple gigs in the same category for offering the same service but by using different relevant keywords so you can attract more views >> visitors >> potential customers.

#7- Self Promotion

Don’t rely only on Fiverr. to get noticed you have to be on other platforms for tricky marketing such as; if you are selling some video services, editing, shooting or anything, make your own youtube channel to share plenty of your works to show off your skills. If you are selling writing services, have your own blog to promote your Fiverr gigs. You can create udemy tutorial videos too.

Fiverr Gig Creating Tips

1- Title

Having a great title is really important to be get noticed. For this purpose, you can check other top sellers and review their titles and use of keywords. You will get a better idea that why they are on top and you’re not. Or what should you do to have a catchy title? By checking a few of top sellers in your category, you will learn the patterns emerged. There is always a reason to choose a few words or ignore others.

  • Keyword Focused gigs

Use at least one keyword in title, description and tags to increase your search rankings on Fiverr. Your gig content should be matching to your service description, title and all tags. Even if you are offering some niche service, still don’t use only tags/keywords related to that niche but add broader category’s tags as well to be searched.

  • Be honest

Honestly share the detailed description and also mention in the title too that what exactly your buyer will get for $5. Faking things won’t work longer in any online business success. As un-clear gig can be ignored instantly and a bad experience can be shared in a final negative review.

2- Description

The description is as important as the title is so do the same for it too. Check other gigs’ descriptions, what are the most frequent words used by various sellers? Never copy wording from others. Just get the idea and always write a description for your gigs in your own words.

  • Use of Bullets and Paragraphs

Text formatting makes it easier to read. don’t forget to use bullets to highlight important points and paragraphs for quick reads. Nobody likes to read long-lasting paragraph in one go, better to divide it into small blocks to increase the readability.

  • Proofread

Before publish, proofread your content. To leave a professional appearance; it is important that your gig should be free from spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. As you are going to target a big world where English is considered an international language. You can use some FREE or premium tool for fixing your content. Or if you aren’t confident, you can hire somebody. But, publishing a perfect final piece.

  • Fill all the requirements

Using all the possible stuff to be used will increase your chances. such as; uploading a banner, video, preview picture, PDFs etc. Adding everything means having more relevant stuff which means more chances to get a number of orders.

3- Tags

Use the main and related tags to get maximum views possible.

Fiverr Gig Promotion tips:

1- Social Media Marketing

Admit or not but social media marketing works for the success of any business online. If you can spend little time on a few of your favourite social media platforms, it will be great as FREE of cost marketing. Usually, business owners hire social media marketing teams to help them but one can easily manage it to increase his/her Fiverr sales without spending extra $$$.

2- Fiverr Forum

Fiverr forum is good to be active and sharing knowledge for free with the community. Such as; answering other questions will help you to be noticed by others.

3- Other Community Forums

You can join other community forums matching to your service categories such as writing, web development or any. Staying active there will increase your chances.

Hopefully, this article will help you to succeed on Fiverr.

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