How to Choose a Company to Invest in Cloud Mining

Of course, many have heard about mining as a way of mining cryptocurrencies through mathematical calculations. Given the many problems associated with mining, not everyone can afford it. In such cases, there is an alternative – cloud mining, which does not require its own equipment. The option has become so popular that even Binance has integrated it into its functionality. 

In this article, we will explain the essence of cloud mining and tell you how to choose the best service for it.

What is cloud mining?

In fact, cloud mining repeats the procedures of traditional mining in terms of confirming transactions, writing blocks, and receiving rewards. The difference is in the technical part. The beauty of cloud mining is that you don’t need to own mining hardware. All you have to do is rent computing power from a contractor and… earn your coins!

At the same time, you do not need to spend money on equipment maintenance, its repair, electricity, etc. It is also not necessary to have technical knowledge in order to understand all the intricacies of mining. Ideal option for beginners!

How to choose a cloud mining provider?

How to choose a service that will consistently pay out profits and will not disappear from the radar after buying a contract? We have prepared a small guide and tested one of the popular services according to our criteria. You can use them when evaluating other services.

Therefore, we will consider the factors of choice using the example of the ECOS provider, one of the best cloud mining companies. We chose this service because it has been on the market for a long time, there is a lot of information about it, many reviews, and the company provides various products for mining without using personal equipment offline.

ECOS is a crypto investment platform that offers various crypto tools. It is the only cloud mining provider with legal status. Throughout its existence, ECOS has helped more than 440,000 users from all over the world make money on mining.

So, what factors should you pay attention to when choosing a company to invest in: 


Legality is the most important selection criterion when it comes to finance. Cloud mining is no exception. First, we are interested in documentary evidence of the existence of the company. In one of the media articles, we managed to find an agreement between the Armenian government and ECOS on granting permission for the operator of the Free Economic Zone. This also confirms the provider’s statements about the absence of taxes due to being in the FEZ.

Another sign of the legality of the company are mentions in popular and local media. For example, in the case of ECOS, this is “News Armenia” and the article “ECOS invests more than $1.6 million in Armenia and is looking for a new site in Yerevan”.

Variety of products

Most often, companies bring one product to the market, and if the audience appreciates it with money, then they create other products and services. Therefore, one of the criteria for choosing a cloud mining company may be the availability of other services from the company.

ECOS is a good example in this regard, because the company provides a whole ecosystem consisting of different products that cover all the needs of a crypto investor:

  1. Cloud mining
  2. Hosting
  3. Mining Farm
  4. Wallet
  5. Exchange
  6. Indexes
  7. Investment portfolios
  8. NFT

This number of products tells us that the company has long-term goals and that it has development finance (which is a sign of stability for our payouts)

The authority of the company and reviews

The same laws apply in the cloud mining market as in the traditional financial market. And here the authority of the company comes to the forefront. Authority implies what partners the company works with and what public opinion about it is.

For example, ECOS is part of the Free Economic Zone in Armenia, confirming the legality and legitimacy of its business. The company also works directly with the Hrazdan TPP and Bitmain. Therefore, users trust the company more, because such reputable organizations will not work with scammers.

You should also pay attention to the reviews and ratings of professional media. We trust reviews from Trustpilot. According to them, the company has 4 points out of 5. You can also find positive reviews of the company on external platforms, and ECOS is also ranked in the best ratings dedicated to сloud mining and crypto platforms. If we talk about professional media, then publications about ECOS in Forbes and Cointelegraph deserve trust.

Price policy

The company’s pricing policy should not arouse suspicion, because if prices are too low or too high, then this is one of the signals of the company’s desire to work for a short time and “go into the sunset.”

In this regard, ECOS occupies the lower limit of the average market price due to the absence of taxes and direct agreements with equipment and electricity suppliers.

You can independently calculate your income from investments on the company’s calculator on the website. It takes into account all the variables that can affect your income and provides an estimate.

Well, I couldn’t help but contact ECOS and ask for some kind of bonus for our readers. The company kindly provided you with a free mining contract for a month when you signed up through my link. Therefore, you can also check the service in practice!

Convenient app

А convenient app for crypto investment is essential for investors looking to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the crypto market. With the right app, investors can easily access and manage their portfolios, stay informed on market trends, and make informed investment decisions, all while keeping their assets secure. ECOS is a crypto investment app that offers a range of convenient features for investors. It is easy to use and offers enhanced security features to protect your investments. The app provides a range of portfolio management tools, including real-time market data and investment options such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. ECOS also has low transaction fees and account minimums, making it cost-effective for investors to invest in cryptocurrencies. Overall, the ECOS app is a convenient option for anyone looking to invest in cryptocurrencies without any hassle. The app is available on Android and the AppStore.

The Energy Power

Given the state of the environment and the energy costs associated with bitcoin mining, it is important to look at company environmental policies as well. For example, ECOS strives to meet sustainability standards. Green energy integration allows ECOS to promote sustainable practices within the cryptocurrency industry. By harnessing renewable energy sources, they contribute to the development of a more environmentally conscious bitcoin mining sector. ECOS understands the importance of responsible resource extraction and strives to lead by example, inspiring other companies to adopt sustainable mining practices.


We have provided tools for you to check the service before investing and hope that they will help you find your provider that will bring you income! Importance of cryptocurrency in today’s world cannot be overstated, as it has the potential to reshape economies, empower individuals, and foster financial innovation. However, it is necessary to choose legal and proven companies to invest in in order to increase your income from investments.

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