How To Bowl Fast In Cricket?

Tip and Techniques to Bowl Fast in Cricket

When it comes to speed, in cricket. The bowler and the batter need to be fast. For this article, we will focus on the bowler. When a bowler bowls at a high speed, the batter gets confused knowing that there is trouble.

It is the job of a bowler to cause this Batman to go into confusion. However, everyone has his technique because not everyone that bowls fast gets the chance to confuse the bowler.

As a bowler, you have to try out different things during training to figure out if you can get fast or not. One good part about this thing is that you get to know where you stand very fast.

Firstly, we will give you some skills that could help you get faster and bowl the cricket ball faster:

1. When Throwing The Ball, Your Legs Should Be Like That Of A Javelin Thrower

A skill that has been proven to work and has worked for several expert bowlers. Some expert bowlers have seen how a javelin thrower keeps his stance while throwing.

The technique here is in the lower body, bracing or throwing one of your legs forward is a very good way to create power. Looking at a javelin thrower, and a bowler, their lower bodies should be similar.

Just like the javelin throwers, you have to brace your leg to block and channel your energy into the ball. Let me explain further.

As you throw the ball, bend your leg forward, some force is gone and then dipped. This is what makes it a good idea to make sure your leg is braced like a javelin thrower’s leg.

2. Hold The Sight Screens

This is another technical tip that has been used many times by several experts. It is an easy method that helps enhance bowling velocity. Here is what you have to do, while bowling, you have to imagine holding the sight screens In front and back.

When you do this, your upper body will stretch completely as you move from the front to the back foot. Our muscles have the similarity of an elastic band, such that when you ping back to their resting length with force, it channels a lot of speed into the ball.

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3. Keep A Good Body Shape For Bowling

Firstly, let us point out that working out in the gym doesn’t mean bodybuilding. Especially as a bowler where you have to build a body shape that would work perfectly for speed, we are not talking about the kind you to the beach to impress others.

Here is the deal, if you are skinny, for this you require muscles, if you are too fat, you need to burn some of it out, let us say you are one leg each in both instances I just mentioned, you will have to do both.

Whichever body type you have, it is better to find a way to get stronger than you were previously. This is because bowling speed can be enhanced by channeling the power in your body into the ball.

Scientifically, power is derived as strength multiplied by speed. This means that the more powerful you get in the gym determines how fast you get as a bowler.

Strength normally is gotten through the standard methods of lifting weights in the gym. Bodyweight training has a way of helping out but it only works for some time.

You will have to follow some basic procedures like squatting, deadlift, press, and pull weights. To achieve all of this, you will need to register a membership plan to a gym with good trainers because you know what we are talking about unless a trainer helps you out.

4. Enter The Gym Membership To Pitch Dots

Just getting strong will cause a wide improvement in the speed of your bowling, you can even add to that speed by learning how to channel your strength to the bowling speed with some particular equipment such as kettlebells, weighted balls, and medicine balls.

The equipment has more weight than a cricket ball but also smaller weight than the weights you see in the gym. What this entails is that they are in the middle of the extremes of 100kg weight and bowling the ball at 140kph.

You should know that just throwing a ball around cannot help you get the best. You need to schedule your routine to be at the beginning of the summer and keep to that pace till the end of that season.

5. Stretch Your Body In Places That Could Stretch

Surely from the technical tips that have been mentioned above in this article, when you bowl, you have to stretch yourself to the edge because it is better to stretch because you will get better reflexes.

You can enhance this stretch by developing these portions of your body that have the ability to stretch. Places in your body that could stretch and give you speed at the same time is your spine and Sometimes your hips.

The truth is that distinguishing between a fast bowler and a normal style bowler is the mobility in the middle spine.

It isn’t possible to be too fast in these places, not minding what you do. You can continue trying to improve mobility every day if you notice that you are very weak in these places.

You don’t have to do much and it doesn’t take much time to enhance mobility. You can include them in your normal warm-ups before the main game, gym, or even training. It can also be done in the house because you don’t need any equipment.

As time goes on, you can improve in less than a month, you will notice that you can stretch further than you use to. Get those sight screens and get to work, you could gain more speed as you do so.

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Bowl As Much As You Can, Don’t Do Too Much

One of the issue you face with being a fast bowler is the fact that cricket is a long game. For instance, sprinters don’t have to worry about the speed they use because they have a total of 1500m in one day, and this can be done once every four months.

Cricketers play a different ball game, so apart from getting fast, you have to find a balance too. Good enough, it has been researched and the ECB has set a standard on how much bowling your maximum should be. A system was created, 7/4/2.

This system is recommended for every bowler because it helps avoid the problems of over bowling. Problems like slowing down in the middle of a game and some discomfort in your legs.

Yes, it might be difficult for some teams, but until bowlers can figure out a system that helps them keep their pace during long games, it is the best system available for now.


The above procedures are quite difficult, we know that but to those who aspire to be good and dedicated bowlers, it will take so much time and power but it will later help.

You will later see yourself getting to greater heights and taking your team to places where they haven’t been before. There is always a chance to develop your skills.

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