How to Become a Fiverr Affiliate: A Quick Tutorial

Tips to Become a Fiverr Affiliate in an Easy Manner

Currently, Fiverr dominates the freelancing scene in the Western Hemisphere, India, and Australia. The site is available in most countries, providing an opportunity for freelancers to meet clients and earn money.

But you don’t have to offer a service or a product to earn through the site. Fiverr provides an affiliate program, and it does not require any training or portfolio!

In this article, you will learn how to become a Fiverr affiliate, from the registration process to the tips that may help you succeed.

Register to the Fiverr Affiliate Program

Becoming a Fiverr affiliate allows you to receive commissions by inviting people to use the site. Fiverr will pay you based on the products and services that the clients will purchase. Furthermore, Fiverr does not have an approval screening. Once you have registered, you can start working as an affiliate immediately.

First, you should register for the program by signing up. (Remember that it is different from a regular Fiverr account.) This stage is easy to understand; you only have to write the necessary information.

After filling out your account and contact details, Fiverr will ask you how you will refer people to their site. You will also tell Fiverr the interests of your prospective clients. Your answers will help Fiverr’s analytics. (Don’t worry, you will receive the same promotional tools and links no matter what you answer here.)

Once you finish the form and agree to Fiverr’s terms, you may already register to their affiliate program.

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What is the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

The rules say that you will receive a commission if the clients buy something on Fiverr for the first time. The site calls these customers “first-time buyers.” Within the next twelve months, you will receive a commission for your clients’ purchases through a cookie that the site will use to track their buying data. You may withdraw your commissions on PayPal or directly to your bank account. Fiverr’s payment is monthly.

Fiverr also provides affiliates with deep links for specific products. So if you want to promote a particular service or product, you can send one to that page to your prospective buyer. The site covers clients from 160 approved countries.

What is The Commission Plan For Fiverr Affiliates?

Fiverr will pay you based on the clients’ type of purchase and the site that you promoted. The commissions start from $15 to $150. Here is the list of Fiverr services and how much you can receive:

  • On the main Fiverr website, there is a list of commission prices for different classifications of services. These range from $15 to $50. (You may view this on the Commission Plan site.)
  • Fiverr Pro is the site for professional freelancers endorsed and chosen by Fiver. If you refer someone to buy something from Fiverr Pro, you will receive $150 for every purchase.
  • The Learn from Fiverr serviceteaches freelancers and workers different skills and strategies. Its courses include writing, digital marketing, video editing, and other lessons. You can receive $30 whenever your client enrolls in a class on Learn from Fiverr.
  • And.Co provides financial and management services to workers and businesses. The commission plan for And.Co is also $30.

How Can You Succeed as a Fiverr Affiliate?

The Fiverr Affiliate Program seems to be a lucrative way to earn money with minimal effort. This perception gets compounded by influencers and blogs that make it seem effortless. But this is far from the truth. Like every marketing career, the affiliate program involves beating competition, attracting potential clients, and finding ways to succeed.

But there are effective strategies you can use to convince buyers and receive hundreds (even thousands) of dollars:

Write guides about a specific service while recommending Fiverr. If you discuss a niche topic (blogging, for example), you may attract a targeted audience. You can teach how to develop a WordPress page, why website logos are crucial, and ways to compose a blog. While doing this, you can recommend Fiverr and a related gig that can help them do tasks like this. In the description, you can provide links that will send clients to those freelancers on Fiverr.

Write a testimonial about your Fiverr experience. If you use a blog site or a social networking account, you can feature something you purchased on Fiverr. It will capture people’s interest and curiosity. You can tell them about the price and how easy it got finished through Fiverr. You can also provide the referral link and an introduction to the freelancer who made it. Testimonials like this will entice conversions and new Fiverr buyers.

Compare Fiverr to other sites. Clients may want to know what makes Fiverr better than other platforms. Convincing them that Fiverr caters to world-class talents and freelancers will persuade them to buy. Create reviews to make people interested in Fiverr.

Target specific groups, communities, and discussions. Fiverr has over a hundred different types of services. You can find an online group concerned about any of these. Take advantage of this fact; answer questions on those sites or post promotional content on sites like those. For example, go to a YouTube comment section about Adobe Premiere Pro, and put a referral link to a video editing freelancer on Fiverr. If you do this successfully, you can expect at least $25 in commissions.

Strive for categories with higher commissions. To earn hundreds (or thousands) of dollars, strive to promote services with higher commission rates. These jobs include industrial design, mobile application development, and online commerce development. (All of these pay $50 in commissions. Imagine, it takes only 20 clients for you to earn $1,000 through referrals!) Furthermore, focus on campaigning for Fiverr Pro, where you are guaranteed to get $150 for each of their purchases.

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What Do You Need to Remember as an Affiliate?

As stated earlier, the Fiverr Affiliate Program brings several benefits. It is a reputable service filled with excellent, highly skilled freelancers. Your referral links come with a cookie that is effective for a year, and you can use social media to promote Fiverr.

But bear in mind that you will only get paid for first-time buyers. Furthermore, you will only receive a specific commission no matter how expensive the clients’ purchases are. Make sure that you promote legitimate Fiverr gigs.

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