How shutter settings decide the quality of the required photograph?

Shutter Settings

Whatever camera is in your hand, your photography will only improve if you know how to use that camera in the best possible way. You should be very clear about the features of the camera that you are to use. Remember great photographs are possible all because of the perfect combination of the camera and the photographer. A camera is a tool that becomes effective only if it is in the hands of a right person. Once you understand the camera controls available and how exactly they work, you will easily pick up best settings and hence will improve your ability to take stunning pictures.

Shutter Settings

The first camera control that will be discussed for you is shutter settings. A mechanical device on a digital camera that opens for particular period of time to allow certain level of light into the camera through lens is called shutter. The primary function of the shutter is to set exposure time. More the shutter remains open ore is the amount of light that come into the camera. Most of the Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras consist of mechanical shutter but few lower cost models consist of electronic shutter.

Many models of digital camera have an automatic setting that decides the shutter speed also called exposure time. The manual adjustments done in shutter speed are helpful in providing options for more artistic results. The shutter settings work in conjunction with aperture settings. Aperture is an opening which varies in size so as to allow more or less light. The level of light that reaches the image sensor in the digital camera is determined by the both the settings namely shutter speed and aperture settings. Both the settings are commonly called aperture shutter speed.

Shutter Settings

If you are beginner in the field of photography then the terms shutter speed and aperture may be confusing but you need to know that getting perfect relationship between the two is the secret for producing various best effects in photographs clicked. When you want to freeze the moving subject in your photograph faster shutter speeds are to be used. At higher shutter speeds moving objects have sharpness in the picture taken. However, good lighting is required in such a situation of short exposure as less light enters the camera.

Shutter Settings

But in low light conditions you have to opt for lower shutter speeds so that moving objects get blur.  In such a situation of long exposure shutter remains open for longer time to allow more light into the camera. The risk of blurring increases when low shutter speed is used so extra care must be taken to keep camera as steady as possible. A fast shutter speed allows lesser light into the camera. Aperture settings have to be large in such a situation so that sufficient light is allowed to reach image sensor. In case of lower shutter speeds the aperture settings have to be small.

Shutter speeds starts from 1 second to 1/8000 second. Many cameras are provided with ‘B’ shutter setting in which shutter remains open for the time period the button is pushed. Also many cameras have ‘T’ shutter setting in which shutter remains open till the time the button is pushed again.

Moving on, another photographic effect to highlight subject in digital photograph is controlling depth of field. That’s the next part of the tutorial

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