How Do BigCommerce Product Data Entry Services Help You? Top 5 Reasons

BigCommerce is one of the most commonly preferred open-source platforms for creating eCommerce stores. One of the major parts of running a BigCommerce store is to consistently track your sales and revenue growth over the platform. 

Beyond that, you should also consider the necessary efforts to keep the BigCommerce database maintained and running at all times. Keeping the product database streamlined will ensure customer satisfaction, as they will find an up-to-date store with new products or information at all times.

And that’s where you will need the help of virtual assistants (VAs) to offer you expert BigCommerce product data entry services

They help you in adding or update your products in the catalog. Alongside that, they will also be adding categories, updating images, entering product information, and making other product-related updates over the BigCommerce platform. 

But is it really important for BigCommerce store owners to hire a virtual assistant for the BigCommerce product data entry needs? Well, this article will explain why hiring a VA would be a great deal for managing your BigCommerce product database.

What are the 5 Reasons for Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Your BigCommerce Product Data Entry Needs?

Just like VAs have proven themselves to be of utmost importance in the case of Magento store management, they are now leaping to showcase their efficacy in the BigCommerce domain as well. 

So, here are a few reasons why you need professionals to look after maintaining your product database for the BigCommerce store:

1. Accurate and Seamless Data entry is their USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

The virtual assistants you hire for your BigCommerce store for product data entry needs will be industry experts. They have an optimal experience in managing databases of online stores, irrespective of whether they are small or big. 

These professionals can help you curate a perfect product catalog with great images, attractive descriptions, and updated prices. And all of that in a very fast and accurate manner. Your productivity will scale to the next level! 

2. Use of Modern Techniques

Every data entry VA you look up to for your BigCommerce product data entry services will be trained to implement the latest techniques. As staying updated in terms of using the right techniques is important for your increased conversion rate, the VAs would emphasize it.

The VA you hire will use modern approaches with respect to SEO and other techniques to keep your BigCommerce store optimized and responsive. They will look after entering the correct name of the product, specific URL, look after the image size, and finally index them. 

3. Supports Upload of Bulk Products

Do you have more than thousands of products to be listed on your BigCommerce store? If yes, it will be difficult for you to get that done manually or through your in-house team that’s already engaged in other tasks. In such cases, hiring a VA would help in making the job easier for your store. 

The VAs are skilled in BigCommerce product data entry and will complete the bulk uploads of the product listings. Data entry VAs use spreadsheets or CSV export/import processes for adding products to your BigCommerce store in batches. Thus, making the job faster and more convenient. 

4. Provides Better Shopping Experience for Your Customers

BigCommerce data entry VAs are readily backing the store owners by not just updating their product listings but also by tracking the order and shipment processing data. They play a crucial role in helping your store customers get the best shopping experience from your brand. 

Hence, this helps you take rightful decisions on what improvements you must make to enhance the order fulfillment and management processes. 

Earlier VAs have marked their success with Walmart automation, WooCommerce store management, and other such aspects. And now, they are helping BigCommerce store owners with efficient data management across all departments of their eCommerce business. 

5. Highly Cost-Efficient for Better Store Management

Hiring an in-house team of specialists to keep a tab on your product data entry services will turn around to be very expensive. You might need to hire a considerable workforce to handle bulk product uploads, indexing, image support, catalog conversion, and other such data entry related services. 

Paying off salaries with other employment benefits to the in-house team might not be feasible for your eCommerce business, especially if you are just starting with it. Therefore, outsourcing your BigCommerce product data entry services to virtual assistants will help you save around 75% of your overall operational costs. 

What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring A Virtual BigCommerce Product Data Entry Assistant?

Now the above-listed reasons are pretty convincing for you to seek help from a professional product data entry specialist. If that’s true, get an insight into the few things you should consider before hiring one. 

  • Take note of what services the virtual data entry assistant offers for your BigCommerce store. 
  • Consider the experience that the VAs from an outsourcing company has with the BigCommerce platform. 
  • Check some testimonials to understand their product expertise and service delivery quality. 
  • Compare the pricing to see if it is competitive and reasonable as that of the market value. Following that, consider the available payment terms as well. 
  • Review the terms & conditions properly to be on a good track with the virtual assistants or the outsourcing company during the service period. 

Parting Words

It is true that BigCommerce stores have impeccable features to help your store grow and thrive immensely. But optimal management of the store and its database is the key to making that happen. Imagine having improperly listed products in mismatched categories! Do you think your customers would like to rely on your store for their shopping needs?

Well, when there’re a lot of core business aspects to take care of, uploading, organizing, and managing the backend services becomes difficult. Therefore, handling product uploads, catalog conversions, image optimizations, and other such data-oriented services should be backed by VAs offering BigCommerce product data entry services. 

Go ahead and hire the one that impresses you with his/her expertise in BigCommerce and proficiency in the management of product data! 

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