Hottest Curry’s In Australia You Can Eat – Australian Curry Challenge

List of the Hottest Curries in Australia

The word curry refers to a dish with a sauce seasoned with spices, traditionally associated with South Asia cuisine. Curry tree leaves may be used in southern India. A wide variety of curries are available. Here we look at common varieties in Australia and rank them from the mildest to the hottest.

Curries Ranked in Oz

1. Korma – For Babies

This Mughlai dish has no exact definition, but it often involves meat or vegetables braised in a smooth, velvety sauce of yoghurt that’s seasoned with aromatic spices. There are often almond, cashew, coconut, and poppy seed blends that give it a nutty flavour.

2. Pasanda – For Toddlers

With yogurt, spices, cream and ground almonds, Chicken Pasanda is a rich, creamy, mild curry. In just 30 minutes, it’s ready to eat! You can make this curry for kids or adults who don’t like spicy food.

3. Biryani – For Preschoolers

In Indian cuisine, biryani is made with rice, meat, fish, vegetables, and spices such as saffron in a rich gravy that is either lamb, chicken, or fish-based.

4. Tikka Masala – For Primary Schoolers

In Indian cuisine, tikka masala consists of several spices such as whole coriander seeds, cumin seeds, dried Kashmiri red chilies, whole black and green cardamoms, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric powder, dry mango powder, and Kashmiri red chili powder

5. Dhansak -For High Schoolers

The traditional Parsi dish Dhansak is a lentil curry with vegetables and meat.

6. Bhuna – For College Kids

The meat is added to a bhuna curry and slowly cooked in its own juices after the spices have been gently fried in a generous amount of oil. Despite the fact that the dish is not overly saucy, it will have a rich, spiced flavour.

7. Jalfrezi – For University Student

In Bengal, as well as across the Indian subcontinent and beyond, a stir-fried curry dish known as Jalfrezi is popular. There are several types of jalfrezi, such as fish, meat, and vegetables, which are stir-fried and drenched in a spicy sauce made with green chillies.

8. Madras – For The Boss

There is a fairly hot curry sauce known as Madras curry or Madras sauce, that is red in colour and contains a large amount of chili powder. Rita is often served alongside this dish.

9. Vindaloo – For The Chief Executive Officer

Indian curry dishes like vindaloo or vindalho are based on Portuguese dishes like carne de vinha d’alhos, which originated in Goa. Curry houses and Indian restaurants around the world serve it frequently, and it is considered a fiery, spicy dish in its British Indian form.

10. Phall – For God

It was originally created in the Bangladeshi curry houses of Birmingham, England and has been exported to Australia. Phal is also spelled fall, faal, phaal, phal or fall. In fact, phall curry may be the spiciest dish in the world. There are usually ten different peppers used in the dish, including Bhut Jolokia which is brutal.

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Australia Curry Rating Mildest To Hottest

I have gone as far as number 9 and only once, did I literally sweat out of every pore including ones I didn’t know I had. How far can you go in Australia’s hottest curry challenge?

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