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The Historic Village Herberton is the largest outdoor museum of Queensland, Australia. It is set on the surface of 16 acres of land in the Atherton Tablelands. This museum comprises of around 50 original buildings existing from the pioneering days of the town. This museum has been set up like a real township. As the visitors start walking by the museum they will explore a series of buildings and constructions such as bank, old general store, fire station, clothing store, pub and many more. There are butchers, dentists, chemists, doctors etc. All these features at a single place make the Historic Village Herberton one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Australia.

History of the Historic Village Herberton:

The Historic Village Herberton was firstly opened in the year 1977 by Joh Bjelke Peterson, the then Queensland Primier. It was owned by Harry and Ellen Skenner and was sadly closed in April 2003 because of escalating public liability costs. Soon it was reopened in the year 2009 by Craig Kimberly, Just Jeans retail chain store founder along with his wife Connie. The Historic Village Herberton is considered as the largest private collection of historical restored period buildings.

Explore this beautiful outdoor museum:

The Historic Village Herberton comprises of a number of attractions that you must explore. A visit to this place is certainly like stepping back to the old historic times. There are fascinating historical buildings from everywhere across Australia. You can spend the entire day here relaxing and having a gala time with your loved ones. There is a gift shop at the Bakerville Tearooms which offers all kinds of souvenirs, arts, crafts, toys, etc. You can munch on the delicious food served here. This area also entertains various event planning businesses. You can explore the genuine antiques, rustic machinery, vintage vehicles and many more.

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