Avoca Beach

 Another gem of the Australian coastal beauties, Avoca Beach is an excellent choice if you just want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the true connection between nature and yourselves. Tucked away in Central Coast region of Australia, the serene beauty of this small village will leave you tranquilized, although there is no lack of adrenaline pumping activities to do! The white sandy beaches in contrast to the aquamarine sea are one of the most popular surfing destinations of Australia. This place will leave your mind and soul rejuvenated.

Location of Avoca Beach

Avoca beach is located in the Tasman Sea, central coast region of New South Wales; about 95 km north of Sydney, Australia. It is bordered in the north by Bulbararing Lagoon, to the west by Saltwater Creek and east by an ocean giving this place a unique geographical location and unprecedented beauty.

History of Avoca Beach

The history is what gives a character to the place and Avoca Beach has an interesting one on that regard.  Awabakal Aboriginals were the original inhabitants of the village. As for European settlement, well there was not a colony as such but an Irish Army Officer John Moore was awarded some land here and he lived here, built a house and planted some vines. That explains the Irish name of the village; Avoca is Irish for “great estuary”.

Holidays in avoca beachAvoca Beach by saberwyn / CC BY- SA 3.0

Things to do in Avoca Beach

There are a number of activities for tourist to participate and places to go in this small village. You have to imbibe its natural beauty first of all. Have a look around, you will find loads and loads of beauty.

There are restaurants and even a resort to provide great accommodation according to the budget you have. You can enjoy the village with you family as well.

  • Avoca Lake – This has to be the one of the most popular tourist spot in the area. Go there with kids and enjoy a relaxed picnic. The still water lake is popular for kayaking, pedal and ski surfing.
  • If you are in Avoca Beach, you have to surf. The place screams surfing. You take some pointers in surf school. The beach is great even for new surfers. With Surf Life Saving Club vigil there, even kids can enjoy
  • Swim in the Rock Pool, go fishing and enjoy beach walking.
  • Avoca Beach Theatre is a quaint one showing some rare and foreign cinema you would love to watch if you are into that. The Theatre is pretty historic itself.
  • Recently, a warship HMS Adelaide was scuttled in the sea here, now a man made reef that you can visit.
  • If you enjoy art, there is Avoca Art Gallery for you and there is also beachside market held on 4th Sunday, see if you can find something interesting to keep.
  • Some nearby places such as Terrigal Beach and Copacabana Beach are all beautiful places to enjoy.


Avoca Beach is known for its surfing.  The community make is sure that there is no safe surfing for everyone, that is why Avoca Beach Surf Life Saving Club which was established in 1929 is vigil and on guard.

Interesting Fact

HAMS Adelaide, a warship that was scuttled here saw many protests from the locals against the decision. Now it is a popular tourist attraction.


Did you enjoy the picnic and quenched your thirst of water sports? Please share your experiences and those amazing pictures lying there in your camera with us here.

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