Gluttony in the Bible Seven Deadly Sins

The Sin of Gluttony — Seven Deadly Sins

Gluttony is most commonly associated with the ravenous consumption of food, but it can apply to any aspect of life–even life itself. Regardless of what one is a glutton for, any joy derived from the process is not in the substance, but solely in the act of consuming. Thus, at its core, gluttony is perfectly represented by the notion of “living to eat” instead of “eating to live”.

Gluttony in the Bible Seven Deadly Sins
Gluttony in the Bible Seven Deadly Sins

What Is Gluttony and Is it a Sin?

Gluttony need not exemplify the archetypal image of a bloated figure devouring food–obsessive thoughts about food and eating is all that is required. People who are overly fixated on dieting or who binge eat healthy foods are as gluttonous as those who stuff themselves full with fast food. Moreover, consuming drugs and/or alcohol, especially when done to numb the senses, can be considered a form of gluttony. After all, intoxication is the ultimate goal of taking these substances, with the substances themselves being of relatively little importance. Above all else, gluttony only cares about the end result of whatever is being feasted on.

One of the keys to overcoming gluttony is to cultivate a healthy relationship with whatever you are consuming. In the case of food, understand how it will affect your body and mind from a health perspective, and recognize that its ultimate purpose is to nurture you. Worrying or obsessing over food and eating is likely to encourage gluttonous thoughts. In addition, look to pay close attention to the subtle details of your food. Examine the various flavours, textures, aromas, etc. and what you like or dislike about them. If you are able to thoroughly enjoy the “substance” aspect of your food, then it should be enough to satisfy you within a reasonable amount.

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Fun Fact

What is gluttony in the seven deadly sins?

The term gluttony describes excessive eating, drinking and indulgence, as well as greed. In Christian teachings, it is listed as one of the “seven deadly sins.” Some faith traditions clearly define gluttony as a sin, while others discourage it or prohibit it.

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