Get Crafty With These 7 Gift Ideas For Fathers

Best 7 Gift Ideas For Your Fathers

It’s always nice to receive an unexpected gift from a loved one, even more so when it’s something that a lot of thought has gone into. This could be a gift that’s homemade, personalized, or even something that was always wanted, but they never got around to getting for themselves. However, there are some people that are hard to buy for, so if this sounds like your dad, here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Wood slice Handprint Art

This is such a personalized gift, unique between the giver and receiver of it. You’ll need a slice of wood, which you can get from any timber yard – not any old slice, but one from a tree, so that you have that kind of circle/oval type of shape that a tree trunk typically has. You’ll also need a permanent marker, some paint, and gloss. 

The idea is to write a personalized message from the child to their father, along with the date, both in permanent marker. Alongside this is the child’s painted handprint. Once this is dry, paint the gloss over it to ensure that the message and paint will not fade. 

When it dries, all you need to do is wrap it up and present it to your father when the time’s right. 

2. Hampers

You cannot go wrong with a hamper, and it doesn’t have to be all about food and drink – it can include anything the father in question likes, whether it be toiletries, reading material, or a mixture of items – the list is endless! There are plenty more ideas available on the internet. This means you truly are only limited by your own imagination and budget, of course. What’s more, gone are the days of having a traditional wicker hamper, meaning you could even put your hamper items into a box that can be reused after. 

Hampers are great if you’ve not got time because you can buy one premade online and get it delivered to the father. Alternatively, you can make your own to add that personal touch. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

3. Footprint Frame

Although similar to the handprint, this idea involves a bit more careful planning, along with a frame, marker, and paint. You’ll need to get a shoe that belongs to your father, add polish to the sole and place it down on paper, so there’s a clear shoe print on the paper. Make sure you clean the sole, so it doesn’t ruin the flooring in your father’s home!

When the shoe print is dry, put your foot in paint and then place it down, over your father’s footprint. When it dries, you can add a message and a date alongside the prints, before framing it. Just like the first gift we mentioned, this is also completely unique between the giver and receiver of the gift. 

4. Coupon Card

This is perhaps the most contentious of all gifts because it doesn’t cost you anything… but your time. However, the upside of this is that your father will absolutely love this gift!

You basically give your dad a coupon card, with as many coupons as you’re willing to give. Each coupon has one thing that you’re prepared to do for your father when they wish to redeem them. 

If there are things your father has difficulty doing, would like help with, or perhaps doesn’t even have time to do, you can feature these on one coupon each. It may be an idea to agree to some ground rules so that things can be done when it’s convenient for both of you. But this gift is a wonderful way to help your father or to spend some time bonding with him.

5. Ceramic Tile

If your father has a garage or shed, then presenting him with a personalized ceramic tile may be the way to go because he can hang it up in his own personal space. You’re able to write a message, print a picture on it, or do both. They’ll absolutely love this personalized gift to mark their territory. Perhaps you could even get him a ceramic tile to design himself, in response to your message! You never know what kind of tradition you may start – with enough tiles, your father may even decide to decorate!

6. DIY Magnetic Wristband

This is a great gift for any father that has a toolbox or vehicle because if they have any of these items, chances are they repair, or attempt to repair items around the home. With a magnetic wristband, he’ll no longer be asking if anyone’s seen a screw, bolt, fuse, or allen key because they’ll all be attached to his magnetic wristband. 

This item’s great when they need to use both hands or cannot hold onto something and reach for the screw to tighten what they’re holding, so they can release it. Not only will they be happy, but the rest of your family can also breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing you won’t have to look for that missing screw again!

7. Picture Frame

Speaking of missing nuts and bolts, you can get a plain photo frame that you can decorate with them before placing a picture of you and your father together. Again, this is a unique gift that could have other items that your dad uses, like beer bottle tops, or a tile mosaic, around the border to add that personal touch. This is the gift that keeps on giving because each year, you could create a different frame and place a picture of you both from the past year, which he could then hang up in his man space, like his garage or shed.

As we mentioned at the start of this article: everyone loves to receive a gift, and we hope that our list has inspired you to get crafty and creative. By doing so, you’ll be showing your father how much he means to you. Showing how much you care isn’t always about the amount of money you’ve spent, but the thought and personalization that’s gone into your gift, so have some fun showing how much you love your father.

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