Fun Ways To Get Fit for People Who Hate Working Out

Now You Can Stay Fit Without Doing Regular Exercise

Fitness may be a multi-billion-dollar industry, but not everyone is an exercise enthusiast. You may find yourself following trainers on Instagram, saving fitness routines to your watch later playlist on YouTube and swearing you’ll get in shape someday, but when? If you aren’t a fan of the sweat, breathlessness and typical aches that accompany popular fitness routines, why not find something that works for you?

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These four activities that will help you get in the best shape of your life without feeling like a chore. Before you implement any new workout regimen into your life, however, it’s important to assess your current health. Get a physical exam from your general doctor, and have a full work-up of your risks. Does cancer run in your family? if so, then you may want to consult a reference guide that can walk you through everything you need to know, from the various types you may be vulnerable to as well as the risks and benefits of cannabis in cancer treatment.

1. Dance

Choreography can give you an emotional outlet as well as a killer body. You can have two left feet and still start learning basic dance moves that can be practiced to your favorite songs for 10 to 30 minutes every day. Cheoreo also requires stretching to prevent muscle tears, strain and injury, so you can get a total-body workout just by having fun dancing around in your room.

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2. Kickboxing

Learn self-defense, build confidence and tone your body through kickboxing routines. You may work with a trainer, or you could start learning the basic stances and moves yourself with a YouTube tutorial. A beginner’s kickboxing routine can burn between 150 to 300 calories per hour, so all you need is 60 minutes a few times a week to start getting into shape. Make sure that you are paying close attention to your body during any routine, though. Even if a video or instructor urges you to push through the pain, respect your limits and know that you may need to modify certain practices in the early days of your training.

3. Video Games

That’s right. You can play video games and lose weight. It seems paradoxical, but there are loads of motion-sensor games designed to help people get up and move without having to go to the gym. Dance Dance Revolution, Just Move and Ring Fit work on the most popular consoles and are easy to use. You can even get your family involved and make new memories while working out.

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4. Teach Your Dog Agility

Your pup isn’t the only one who will be burning calories during agility training. As their handler, you’ll be running through the course, getting them warmed up with a light jog, taking them on regular walks and teaching them how to use equipment. Agility training helps your dog stay active while also building trust and respect; if you want to feel closer to your pet, this is a collaborative activity that benefits you both physically and mentally, especially during these difficult times.


This article is for entertainment purposes only and  is not intended to replace professional medical advice or to provide personal or health advice. If you have any questions regarding your health or a medical condition, always seek the advice of your doctor. See here for further information.

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