Freelancing How To Identify a Fraudulent Client

Freelancing how to identify a fraudulent client. Freelancing is a fast growing type of employment today. Many full-time employees have shifted to freelancing due to convenience and active income. However, the challenge in this type of employment is to get legit clients who can be trusted to pay you on time. Here are some tips on how to spot a fraudulent client in freelance job boards:

Review Client Profile – Fraudulent Client

A client profile is an important document to describe the client. Among the important details you need to see in a client’s profile are:

  • His country of origin
  • What projects he’s interested in
  • How many and whom he worked before
  • Is he a legit and verified member of the freelance job board

Also, look for clients who have been recommended by other freelancers. Just like freelancers who get their recommendation and reviews from their previous clients, freelancers can also review and recommend clients. Read and research about a client. If you read something nasty about him or her, drop your application before it even starts.

Skip Clients Who Just Ask For Free Samples

If a client keeps on asking for a free sample of your work, you have to give it a second thought. It is advised to prepare a sample work (template) for every client who asked for one. For example, prepare your best article for all your writing applications. If the client asked you to write numerous topics for free, it is a fraud.

Also, a client who refuses to discuss the project or your application on the freelance job board and keeps on asking for an offline or personal email discussion may signify fraud. Do not transact using your personal email during the first meeting or project. You lose control over the client when you take the discussion off the job board.

Review Project Descriptions

The sad thing is, most freelancers who became victims of fraud clients are those who do not fully understand the job description they sign into. For example, an ad that says “get paid $10 per hour” does not mean “$10 per work”. At the start of your transaction, make sure that you read and understand the job that the client is looking for.

Don’t Fall For Easy Money

The best way to lure a fish is to give away the bait. This works the same with most people freelancers. Repel ads that say ‘Easy Money!’ or ‘Get paid $200 for just browsing the internet’. Remember, people don’t give anything for free. There is always a catch.

Verify Payment Security

Freelance job boards usually mark good payer clients with a check or a verification seal. This means that they have been recommended by other freelancers whom they previously worked with. Look for clients who have been verified and trusted good in payment. Also, make sure that they transact using legitimate payment schemes. If they keep on delaying payments and asking for more projects, do not fall for it. Remember, it takes common sense, personal experience, and good judgment to identify a fraudulent client on freelancing business.

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