Explaining Twitter Hashtags Function

Social media is the latest trend today. It is a big medium of exchanging thoughts. It is one good medium of entertainment. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc are creating buzz everywhere. These websites entertain some unique and exclusive features. One such exclusive feature in Twitter is the use of Twitter hashtags. Something in a tweet that entertains a hash symbol (#) as a prefix is considered as hashtag in twitter. Let us check the most apt use of Twitter hashtags in Twitter.

What do Twitter Hashtags do?

Twitter hashtags tie the conversation as well as discussions carried out by different users into a single stream. You can eventually find this whole stream. It can be done by the way of searching the hashtags. You can search the hashtags on the search column of twitter. You can also use third party monitoring tool like HootSuite to do the job. Twitter hashtags solve the issue of co-ordination, thereby facilitating the conversation.

You can also create a hashtag: –

A hashtag can also be created by a Twitter user. You do not need any specific tools to create hashtags of twitter. These hashtags are nothing but simple texts. You can place them in the beginning, middle or end of the tweet. You are only required to decide a keyword and then placing the (#) sign before it. Once you are done, your twitter hashtags are ready for use.

Using Twitter Hashtags Correctly: –

If you are tweeting with a hashtag on a public account, anyone if makes a search of that hashtag will find your tweet. You must use these hashtags only on the tweets related to a relevant topic. You must never spam with the hashtags. A hashtag is used only for once in a keyword. You must not over tag a single tweet with a number of hashtags. Twitter hashtags mainly represent the trending topics all around the globe.

Other social medias using the hashtags: –

Since the prevalence of Twitter hashtags, many other social networking platforms have also started introducing hashtags on their websites and apps. Social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram have also adopted the trend of hashtags.

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