Electronic Money Transfer Apps Are Trending

Electronic Money Transfer Apps

In recent years, the money transfer sector has been rather strong. This is demonstrated by the industry’s resilience in the face of the coronavirus epidemic, as well as the sector’s good performance. Because banks were slow to use the internet, several third parties were able to create systems that allowed consumers to send money to others quickly and easily. Even though banks have made online money transfers easier, even through applications, making international payments without the help of a third-party money transfer provider remains challenging.

Money transfer programs, which have risen in popularity in the same way as personal finance software has, come into play here. Transfer programs enable sending money throughout the world in a range of currencies quickly, simply, and painless. Such transfers generally come at a cost, so be sure to examine the costs, but the best companies usually provide reasonable prices that are well worth the money.

International money transfer applications, often known as peer-to-peer (P2P) apps, allow you to send money quickly and safely from one person to another. Let’s talk about the money transfer applications you should get right now and why. They enable payments by allowing you to connect your bank account or credit card account to a digital wallet. By touching your mobile device a few times, you may perform electronic payments and transactions.

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The best money transfer applications have good reviews on the app store and assist customers in making safe money transfers with no hidden costs. They’re also well-suited to customer demands like international transactions, social and virtual wallets, and a variety of additional possibilities.

We’ll examine how the money transfer app market is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years

Money transfer growth during the pandemic

In April 2020, the World Bank Group presented a grim outlook for the money transfer industry. According to the publication, experts predicted that as the world dealt with the epidemic, remittances would drop by 28% in 2020. According to them, the pandemic would cause a considerable increase in unemployment in developed countries. As a result, many migrant families would suffer, as they are the major senders of money to low- and middle-income nations.

Partially, the World Bank was accurate. As a result of the pandemic, unemployment rates in most countries hit new highs. In the United States, the unemployment rate has soared to almost 15%. Similarly, the rate has increased to about 10% across Europe.

However, the study underestimated how much remittances would fall. The World Bank noted in a separate analysis that global remittances fell by 8% in 2020, owing to the huge stimulus package in rich countries. Foreigners sent almost $540 billion to low- and middle-income nations in total.

Money transfer companies did well

The business sector benefited greatly from the money transfer industry’s robust success. For example, organisations like Square and PayPal have seen significant growth. PayPal owns the namesake platform, Venmo, and Xoom, while Square runs the popular Cash App company. Traditional organisations like Western Union, MoneyGram, and Euronet, on the other hand, saw significant growth in their digital platforms.

Other money transfer app firms, such as Wise, WorldRemit, PaySend, and Remitly, have also attracted millions of clients. For example, in a deal valued at more than $5 billion, Wise raised more than $319 million from investors. In 2021, the firm is anticipated to go public in London. Similarly, Wise paid $500 million for SendWave, while Remitly raised $85 million at a $1 billion valuation. PaySend secured $125 million in May in a deal that valued the firm at over 700 million dollars.

Advantages of using electronic money transfer apps

Simple to utilize

Online money transfer services and applications are simple to use. To get started, you’ll need to sign up for an account with your preferred money transfer service. After that, you’ll need to show a government-issued ID document and proof of residency to confirm your account and start your first transfer. The service requires information about the country to which you are sending money as well as the amount you wish to send. Fill up the recipient’s details and pay for the transfer with the method you want.

Money transfer applications, in particular, are made to be simple to use and save time. If you get stuck, the majority of them provide instructions that will walk you through the process.

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Transfer from anyplace

You may transfer cash to anybody, everywhere, at any time using money transfer networks. Because apps and websites are hosted on the internet, all you need to finish the transfer is an internet service and a mobile, tablet, or laptop. There’s no reason to go somewhere and wait in line. You are free to transfer funds wherever it’s most suitable for you, whether throughout the day or at night.


The majority of money transfer apps let you choose how to send your payments to the destination and how the recipient will receive them. The alternatives offered are determined by where you and your receiver live. Still, credit cards, debit cards, or prepaid credit cards, and bank transfers are the most prevalent payment options for online money transactions. Apple and Android Pay, Klarna, Poli, and Trustly are all excellent options.

The cash can be sent right away if the recipient has a checking account. Cash pickup or digital money are choices if the receiver does not have a bank account. Assume you need some cash. In this situation, the recipient may be able to obtain real money from a trustworthy source, such as a grocery shop. Particularly in the aftermath of an epidemic, digital transfers are more secure and user-friendly. I don’t want to wait in line for a free COVID 19 at a bank. You may send money directly to your recipient’s mobile wallet via mobile payments. And the funds may be used to purchase products or services right away.

Online money transfer providers, such as WorldRemit, offer airtime top-ups based on the recipient’s country. You top up the credit on the recipient’s phone right away. Assume you’re a consumer who wants to send money to India. In such a situation, WorldRemit offers an online bill payment service that lets you pay for water, gas, electricity, tv and other businesses directly for yourself or someone else.

Multiple currencies

Money transfer applications are available in a variety of currencies. You’ll be able to view a list of currencies, and your money transfer app will calculate the exchange rate for you.

Transparent charges

Digital money transfers are typically quicker and less expensive than traditional wire transfers. They also provide better exchange rates than traditional banks, allowing your beneficiary to spend more money on the things that truly matter. When you make an online transfer with a well-known bank, it’s unusual for the receiving bank to charge fees in some instances. The amount of the charge will not be known until the transfer is completed. The fees associated with a digital money transfer are usually disclosed before the money is sent.

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Are money transferring apps safe?

Most money applications require you to create an account with a password and two-factor login techniques (such as emailing verification codes) to validate your identity and the person to whom you are sending money.

Using a money app is also safer than sending a check since it does not reveal your bank account number or routing number to the recipient. By registering for a money transfer app, you are essentially allowing anyone to make you a digital payment without seeing any of your protected account information other than your user ID or email address/phone number. Digital payments, unlike the currency, cannot be lost.

Because digital money applications allow you to transfer money to anybody who has an account, one downside is that if you’re not careful, it’s simple to send money to the incorrect person. Additional security features, including QR-code scanning, SMS or email verification, unique user IDs, and profile photographs, are available in some apps to verify that the appropriate person receives your money.

So, these are the greatest money transfer applications accessible for the year 2022

World Remit

WorldRemit enables you to transfer money using a fully online service that is popular owing to its inexpensive rates and excellent options for moving money around using an iOS or Android app.

The money transfer service is particularly versatile since it provides a range of alternate options for moving money. Bank transfers, Poli, Interac, iDEAL, Klarna, Apple Pay, and Trustly are all accessible, as are debit, credit, and prepaid cards. WorldRemit, on the other hand, does not accept Google Pay any longer.

While its rates look to be competitive, the amount you pay is decided by where your cash is going. The cost of a transfer varies depending on the method and currency utilized.

However, there is plenty of room for transfers, with WorldRemit allowing you to send money from over 50 countries to over 150. WorldRemit has worked with M-Pesa, EcoCash, MTN, Metrobank, and other localized financing companies to simplify the transfer procedure.

Transfers can be received like bank deposits, and in certain situations in less than 10 minutes. Alternatively, beneficiaries can opt for a cash pickup, mobile money, or an airtime top-up. When the transfer is complete, WorldRemit sends an SMS to both you and the receiver. There is also the option of obtaining FCA clearance and a complete license for the operation.


Azimo is a slick and clean operation that provides quick and straightforward transfers to a plethora of different nations, with instant or one-hour alternatives available. There is also the advantage of 24/7 delivery to specified nations, without the normal weekend delays. First-time customers are also entitled to two free transfers.

Azimo has only been in business for a little over a decade, yet its internet service currently reaches over 200 nations. The service supports over 80 different currencies, and consumers may transfer payments using several methods. These include bank deposits, mobile wallets, and even cash, however, the coronavirus epidemic has reduced the urge for actual cash transfers.

Azimo has also just added the Azimo Business function, which is geared at small and medium-sized enterprises that may profit from transfers that are typically more competitive than their bank.

Currently, Azimo claims to be able to give savings of up to 90% when compared to competitors. Using the Azimo app’s notifications, you can easily keep on top of changes in currency prices and get a continual update on the best rates. Overall fees, as is customary, are mostly determined by where the money is being sent from, its destination, and the desired delivery mode.


Venmo’s money transfer app, which leverages the influence of parent company PayPal, is popular among both individual users and businesses. Venmo’s social feature is most appealing to customers, with the ability to share updates about purchases with other users in your social network.

The application works similarly to a digital wallet, allowing for quick and simple peer-to-peer transfers, which is certainly useful if you need to send money to friends. Maybe we could divide the expense of a meal? Venmo is perfect for ensuring that everyone’s expenses are paid on schedule. Even better, there are no monthly or annual fees, however, credit cards do carry a 3 percent fee if you do not have anything else.

Payments are done using a bank account or debit card connected to your account, making it extremely simple to set up and use Venmo. Money can also be transferred directly if you have enough funds in your Venmo wallet. If you can’t wait for Venmo’s one to the three-day payment schedule, there’s a 1% fee if you transfer money from your Venmo account to a bank account.

Everyday money management is equally simple, with a variety of settings allowing you to utilize it as needed, with Public, Friends, and Private choices proving useful for various payment circumstances. Venmo now allows users to make payments via QR codes, which is ideal for quick, efficient, and precise transactions.


We weren’t about to leave PayPal out of a discussion regarding money transfers, were we? The service has grown commonplace in eCommerce, but the company’s acquisition of the aforementioned Venmo indicated that it still had work to do to establish itself as a popular app for peer-to-peer transactions.

With Venmo clearly aimed at a younger audience, PayPal’s app retains a more business appearance and feel. Its strict security features, such as requiring you to input your password every time you access the app, underscore the company’s pedigree. While this may appear to be a little annoyance, it is unquestionably a prudent security step.

PayPal’s mobile transfers are on par with the rest of the sector in terms of speed, however, debit card transactions are taxed, which is unusual for domestic transfers.

The convenience of typing only an email address or phone number to direct your money will always appeal on PayPal’s platform, but if rapid peer-to-peer transfers are more essential to you than international transactions, those debit card costs may lead you towards Venmo, its cool little brother.

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Western Union

Western Union has one of the most prominent profiles of any money transfer service, with a rich history to back it up. As a consequence, you have a plethora of possibilities, especially now that this global service can be accessed via your mobile device.

Use the Western Union Price Estimator tool to compare price choices and then pick a transfer mode from online, in-store, or mobile. Fees are determined by where the money is being sent as well as the currency, which is consistent with other companies in this industry.

While cash pickup is a popular Western Union function, there is also a mobile wallet alternative that has risen in popularity. But it’s the Western Union app that has truly transformed the service, simply because it’s so convenient.

There’s a one-touch fingerprint login option, choices for setting up immediate access to people you send money to regularly, and, most importantly, the ability to dynamically track all of your payments. Simply input your tracking number to find out when it was processed, collected, and finished. The ability to pay directly from your bank account, via card, or in cash increases convenience, as does connection with Apple Pay.

Transfer wise (Now known as Wise)

Wise, based in the United Kingdom, is a peer-to-peer money transfer service that is now accessible in 59 countries, with intentions to expand further in the coming years. The company provides simple money transfer services, but it also features a multi-currency account option. This allows you to retain more than 50 currencies at the same time, converting them as needed.

Indeed, its pricing page shows how a percentage of the charge is a set price, followed by a variable fee. The two are then combined together to give you the total fee charged for each transaction you make.

Users may also choose the sort of transfer they need, which means that if you need money quickly, you’ll spend more than if you choose the low-cost delayed transfer option. There’s also a medium-tier option, so it appears that all bases are covered.

Wise also offers Business pricing, which includes free extra services such as the option to receive money in EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, AUD, and NZD currencies. However, there is a cost to exchange currencies ranging from 0.33 percent to 3.56 percent. The Wise debit Mastercard is also free, with the same currency translation cost of 0.33 percent -3.56 percent and a 2% tax for ATM withdrawals of more than £200 per month.

The Wise website, like others in this sector, includes a live calculator that allows you to calculate your costs before transferring or receiving any funds.


MoneyGram is another well-known and long-standing name in the money transfer market. Because of the organization’s size and complexity, funds can be transferred practically everywhere; however, costs vary depending on where the money is going.

The same is true for fees, with a tier-based pricing system indicating what to expect in terms of expenses. Moving money through a bank is frequently the less expensive option as compared to using a credit or debit card. Similarly, instead of having someone pick up physical cash, having money in a bank account at the destination is another way to save money.

Overheads also include exchange rate changes, however, MoneyGram does provide a rewards program that gives you a percentage off future transfers. Another advantage of using MoneyGram is the sheer number of locations it has across the world, which is often appealing to many receivers of cash transfers.

MoneyGram, on the other hand, has evolved and now provides a variety of transfer alternatives, with traditional bank accounts and mobile wallets proving popular among many cell phone users. Transfers to well over 200 countries are now feasible, with a choice of roughly 50 different currencies.

The bottom line

There aren’t many disadvantages to using money transfer applications. Most applications are free and simple to sign up for, and many do not charge transaction fees. They can be beneficial if you owe someone money or if you just want to send your closest buddy $10 for a coffee and a bagel on a bad day.

Money transfer applications can also be viewed as a more secure alternative to traditional payment methods. Many of the applications have a contactless payment option with partnering establishments, making it simple to tap and go and pay without touching public surfaces. It might also be a convenient alternative to inputting your credit card information on every website from which you make a transaction.

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