Donald Trump Realistic Policies About to Come to Life

Donald Trump Realistic Policies, Not so Much Applicable

Elections divide a country, its citizens, but when the country is a major economic powerhouse, then the whole world is divided.

Their every step is monitored and their choices looked at an advantageous position. Its allies bet on it to make the right choice, well it just did.

Immigration Plan

The Republican President-elect Donald Trump, made a promise to deport millions of illegals in the US. The expensive immigration plan does not only reduce the workforce by 11 million, it takes 20 years to implement.

It will not only harm the economy but reduce its GDP by $1.6 trillion. Not to forget the message he is sending to the rest of the world about his stance on immigration.

Although he has recently backed away from mass deportation, he has made it clear that anyone who entered the US illegally will be deported.

Undocumented families will be under more scrutiny under Mr. Trumps Presidency than they have ever been under the Obama tenure.

Tax Cuts-Donald Trump Realistic Policies

His tax plan has also seen some drastic changes, with the recent one aimed at cutting down taxes to $11.98 trillion over the next decade.

Accordion to a Nonpartisan research group the Tax Foundation, the plan increases GDP by 11%, makes wages higher by 6.5% and increases the larger capital stock by 29% as well as create 5.3 million jobs. however, it will also reduce tax revenues by $10.14 trillion even with economic growth accounted for.

His proposed tax plan is more favorable compared to what other Republican contenders had in mind, it still needs work as he plans to cut spending but has not said how.

Health Care

He also made a promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, ACA. however, of recent, he has changed his mind and vowed to keep some of its provisions in place, like Obamacare.


When it comes to commerce Donald Trump is more than qualified. As a businessman, he has promised to negotiate better trade policies for the US. Stating that he does not like some of the deals the US has done like NAFTA and Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The business guru also promises to hold talks with China about its currency, which is always low.

He has also proposed to impose tariffs on imported goods, a proposal that might actually hurt consumers and the economy in US.

Other Donald Trump Realistic Policies


As for housing both Republicans and Democrats have always supported the same policies especially the role of the government in it. But affordable housing is still an issue to many.


On education, he has promised to cap federal student loan payments by 12.5% of the borrowers income. This he will do for a maximum of 15 years. A generous plan compared to the current ones students use to make payments.


When it comes to abortion, his stance is the same. he has promised to name a Supreme Court Justice who opposed abortion rights. A decision meant to overturn the 1973 Roe V. Wade decision that recognized them. Thus he will be returning the issue to the states.

President-elect Donald Trump realistic policies are just a distance away from becoming a reality. A rude awakening and shock to those who have opposed him and his campaign from the beginning. A landslide victory for the Republicans who are more than happy to repeal and replace some of the country’s Acts.


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