Do You Get a Stage Fright When Using a Urinal?

We Tell You How To Overcome Stage Fright and Other Difficulties While Using Urinal

Let’s face it, we’ve all had this issue at least once in a lifetime. Some had it even more. Some, however, have it always. The peepee simply does what it wants, or better yet, doesn’t. So, you have to give up and hold it in, right? And that’s next to impossible. So, the real questions are – why is this a problem to some men, and how do you overcome it? We are here for you bros, don’t worry.

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Now, let’s answer the first question.

Why Do Men Get “Blocked” at the Urinal?

There are a lot of reasons regarding this particular “failure”, but the most probable one is just:

1. Small peepee

Sorry, guys. Nah, relax, just kidding. Or am I? Okay, it might be in some cases. Still, mostly it’s insecurity rooted somewhere else inside your mind and has nothing to do with your body. Unfortunately, nobody can tell you what that insecurity is. That’s just something you have to explore for yourself. Or you can go to psychotherapy, it helped a lot of people. Give it a try. Can’t hurt, right?

2. The Other Possible Reason is Actually Quite Legit – An Invasion of Privacy

Some people cherish and prefer their privacy and don’t enjoy much other guy’s quick glances at your intimate part. If that’s something that makes you feel bad, then you shouldn’t do it. Do not feel pressured by society or ashamed. Do what makes you feel comfortable. Use the closed stall toilet. Who cares what other people think because you know what it is and you’re okay with it.

3. “I have to do it” feeling

When you’re standing at a urinal, surrounded by other guys, who are already half-way through, you might feel embarrassed. You start to think: “Well, time is running out super fast. The other guys are almost finished, and I haven’t even squeezed out a single drop of pee. I have to do it now. It’s now or never! It’s life or death!” Unfortunately, to more you push, the more likely it will come out on the other side. Pressuring yourself like that certainly won’t help one bit. On the contrary. So, simply focus on yourself and ignore everyone else. They do their thing, you do yours. Remember, it is not a competition and, in the end, no one will really care.

4. The Men Stereotype

You’re not manly enough if you use the stall instead of a urinal. Come on, really? Forget about that. You like the booth more? It makes you feel more secure? Use it. Besides, why worry about the opinions of people with stereotypes? You know, those people aren’t very progressive, so their opinions should be the last thing on your mind. In fact, it shouldn’t be on your mind at all.

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And now, if all of this didn’t convince you to just be and accept yourself, fine. Let’s answer the second question and maybe help you overcome your “problem”.

How To Overcome Stage Fright at the Urinal?

Again, there are many different ways to achieve this. Here are some that work for most men:

1. First, Start Using The Stall Without Locking The Door

Naturally, it might take you a couple of seconds for the jets to start working. Maybe even a couple of different tries, but it will happen eventually, I promise.

2. Start Using The Stall With The Door Open

The same applies as with the doors closed.

3. Find A Urinal With A Barrier Between Other Urinals

This way, nobody can invade your privacy or see your private parts, and you’ll be able to do your thing. As before, it might take some adjusting time. But it will happen.

4. Finally, Try Out The Classic Open Urinal

There are no barriers and no privacy. People might even look at your junk, although that happens more rarely than you think. But trust me, after passing all these steps, you’ll be able to pull it out proudly and be all “manly”, whatever that means. The most crucial thing is to not think about it, just do it.

You might be wondering where did I get this information? Well, I’ll share something with you. Back in my teenage years, I had the same privacy problem. So, I’m telling you this from my own experience as well as my friend’s experiences. And it worked for all of us. In fact, they use this “step by step” method in psychotherapy as well, when treating all kinds of phobias. 

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Seriously, don’t give it that sort of meaning. It’s just a natural physiological human need. We all have to do it. And, honestly, what’s the worse that could happen? If you fail a couple of times, big deal! Trust me, all those around you who are taking a leak won’t care one bit! They’re just happy that they relieved themselves.

And I’ll give you another free piece of advice – install a urinal at your own home and practice. They’re not that expensive either.

Also, at the end of the day, you can always get a peepee enlargement and solve all your problems. Dare I say “LOL”?

Now go and pee in that damn urinal! It won’t bite.

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