Dining with a View California’s Most Scenic Restaurants

California offers a stunning variety of landscapes, from picturesque coastal views to majestic mountain ranges, making it a perfect destination for scenic dining experiences. Here are some of California’s most scenic restaurants where you can enjoy both delicious cuisine and breathtaking views:

1. Cliff House (San Francisco):

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Seal Rocks, the Cliff House offers panoramic ocean views and a historic setting. It’s a perfect spot to watch the sunset while enjoying seafood and contemporary American dishes.

2.Geoffrey’s Malibu (Malibu):

Nestled above the Pacific Coast Highway, Geoffrey’s Malibu provides stunning views of the Malibu coastline. It’s renowned for its elegant ambiance and seafood-focused menu.

3. Nobu Malibu (Malibu):

Situated on the shores of Carbon Beach, Nobu Malibu offers a combination of Japanese cuisine and stunning ocean views. It’s a celebrity-favorite spot known for its fusion of flavors and luxurious setting.

4. Post Ranch Inn – Sierra Mar(Big Sur):

Sierra Mar at Post Ranch Inn provides breathtaking views of the rugged Big Sur coastline. The restaurant emphasizes locally sourced ingredients in its gourmet dishes, all while perched high above the Pacific.

5. Mastro’s Ocean Club (Newport Beach):

Located at Newport Coast, Mastro’s Ocean Club boasts panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. The upscale steakhouse and seafood restaurant offer both elegant indoor seating and outdoor terraces.

6. The Restaurant at Meadowood(St. Helena):

Set in the Napa Valley, The Restaurant at Meadowood offers a fine dining experience surrounded by lush vineyards and rolling hills. The restaurant is known for its farm-to-table approach and tasting menus.

7. Moonshadows (Malibu):

With its prime location on the Pacific Coast Highway, Moonshadows offers unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean. Guests can enjoy a mix of Californian and Mediterranean cuisine while taking in the sunset.

8. The Marine Room (La Jolla):

Situated right on the beach, The Marine Room provides dramatic views of the ocean and crashing waves. The restaurant is famous for its high-tide dining experience, where waves come right up to the windows.

9. Duke’s Huntington Beach(Huntington Beach):

Overlooking the iconic Huntington Beach Pier, Duke’s offers a laid-back, beachy atmosphere with stunning views of the coastline. It celebrates the legacy of Duke Kahanamoku, a Hawaiian surfing legend.

10. Perch (Los Angeles):

Perch is a rooftop restaurant in downtown Los Angeles that offers spectacular views of the city skyline. Guests can enjoy French-inspired cuisine while taking in the urban landscape.

These restaurants provide not only exceptional dining experiences but also the chance to soak in California’s natural beauty and diverse landscapes. Remember that availability and offerings may change, so it’s always a good idea to check with the restaurants or make reservations in advance.

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