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Dell XPS 12: The convertible or hybrid laptop is the new trend in the tech industry. Hybrid laptop means a device that an act as a tablet and a laptop.

Where every tech giant is running in the race of convertible device. How we can forget Dell! Yeah, Dell also came up with the convertible device. We are talking about Dell XPS 12.

Most hybrid devices come with a specialized docking system or spinning off the screen. But in a case of Dell XPS 12, the tablet is fully detachable. For laptop transition, we have a keyboard with the docking system.

Review – Dell XPS 12

Most hybrid devices do not offer true laptop experience. But due to a high-performance keyboard, Dell XPS 12 is a perfect convertible laptop!

Dell XPS 12 Design:

The first impression of Dell XPS 12 is incredible. No doubt, this is giving a hard time to Microsoft Surface Pro tablet and iPad Pro. In front, there is a Gorilla Glass screen. While the rest of the body is composed of Magnesium alloy. The body is painted with a black finish. In the end, you have a lighter body but completely durable!

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The same material is used for a keyboard. When you use the keyboard, you will realize this is something premium. The performance of keys and trackpad is commendable! The shape of a tablet is pretty square, so, the user may have an issue while handling. If we talk about weight, it weighs only 790g with 12mm thickness.

Even though, the design of the keyboard is pretty firm. But still, we have a black cover to support tablet securely. Secondly, when you are using a tablet for sketching or drawing, it will protect it in the back.

We have set of gold contacts in the docking mechanism. These contacts are present on both keyboard and bottom edge of the tablet. When you bring both close, magnetic system pulls both together. Moreover, we have plastic clips to hold the tablet from sliding!

In short, the design of Dell XPS 12 is pretty impressive!

Dell XPS 12 Keyboard:

Well, the performance of keyboard is much more than expected. In fact, if anyone complains about the keyboard, then it is not fair! Dell XPS 12 is offering the best keyboard as a hybrid laptop in the market! Honestly, the design of the keyboard is pretty slim and smaller than general keyboards. But it serves the purpose greatly. If we talk about key action, it is impressive having decent travel and clear break.

We have a backlit function in the keyboard. Honestly, We can’t seem to find benefits except raising the bar for hybrid laptops!

Dell XPS 12 Display:

The display quality of Dell XPS 12 is spectacular. It offers a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. It means you will receive a sharp and crisp display of 352 pixels. Honestly, viewing angles and color quality are excellent.

Dell XPS 12 Software:

Of course, it is running on the latest Windows version that is Windows 10. It is fair enough to have the latest operating system on such advanced device. In fact, Dell took a major leap by using Windows 10 instead of Windows 8 or 7.

The only issue faced by users is switching between tablet and laptop mode. If you are using it as a laptop, you should use desktop mode. Otherwise, tablet OS is great. If you understand this point, there is no problem. Otherwise, the users can be frustrated due to switching between both modes.

Dell XPS 12 Performance:

You got everything impressive about Dell XPS 12, but brand compromised over performance. Where every latest device is coming up with the hardcore processor. This laptop is running on an Intel Core M processor. Honestly, this performance tag is underrated!

Let’s talk about real time performance. For light use, this device works fine. But for heavy duty use, it may not work impressively!

Dell XPS 12 Battery:

One major drawback about Dell XPS 12 is battery life. The users expect to stay away from sockets while using laptops. With 40% brightness, a little bit of web browsing and other tasks, this device last only for three hours. This way, the battery life is not up to the mark!

Final Verdict:

Undeniably, the Dell XPS 12 has set new benchmarks for hybrid laptops. Such as spectacular display, awesome design, impressive keyboard, and trackpad. But if we talk about performance, it is not something exceptional. For heavy duty use or high tech maniacs, this device may not work!

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