Best Budget-friendly Laptops till date

Buying a new laptop can be daunting. Laptop is a fascinating device. But buying procedure is not something any would love to! The main problem is to get the best laptop at your budget. Although, the market is saturated with laptops of every price tag. But choosing which one suits best for you is tough decision. Anyone who is planning to get new laptop has to think on the broad spectrum. Because the balance between budget and high performance laptop is the main focus.

List of best budget-friendly Laptops

But you don’t have to worry about. We have listed down best budget friendly laptops for you. Just pick which is best for your needs.

One thing you should be clear about that low budget laptops always come with average specs. Don’t expect professional performance from such laptops. It’s not like they are bad in performance, but serves the purpose in a good way.

1- HP Stream 11:

HP Stream 11 is the top choice as a budget friendly laptop. It has every feature that a low budget laptop should have. Fro display, it has 11” screen with 1,366×768 resolution and 19.8 mm thickness. The outer body is made up of plastic, but it has tough and well made construction.

In terms of performance it is running on an Intel Celeron processor and 2GB. It is good buy to consider.

2- HP Stream x360:

Getting a hybrid laptop at a low cost is a thing to see. HP is determined to deliver world class quality at lowest price. HP Stream x360 is similar to HP Stream 11 in most of the specs and features. But there are certain facts which makes it better.

First of all, the display is touch enabled. The screen can flip at 360 degrees to use at the tablet. But the keyboard is not detachable. The hybrid capability at affordable price with Intel Celeron processor plus 2GB RAM! It is an attractive offer.

3- Acer Aspire Switch 10:

Acer Switch is another hybrid laptop presented by Acer. In terms of functionality and specs, it is good one. Such that is running in quad core Intel Atom processor supported by 2GB RAM. It has 10” display screen which can be detached from the keyboard to use as a tablet. Getting all these features at affordable price is real interesting!

4- Toshiba Chromebook 2:

It will be unfair if we don’t mention any Chromebook in list of budget friendly laptops. Toshiba Chromebook 2 is the best and top quality Chromebook with an affordable price tag. The HD display screen is the plus point of this Chromebook.

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