Cute Puppy Learned How To Get All The Treats After A Shot

Cute Puppy Learned How To Get All The Treats After A Shot

Sounds weird, right? but this cute puppy loves vetting. It seems puppy knew it very well that there are many kind-hearted people to pet puppies.

This case will be exceptional for you to know.

For some over-smart puppies, it seems super easy else it can be countable that how hard can be a trip of vetting for any pup as we can count it a most stressful thing to do. Well it wasn’t a day at the park while they are prodded and poked each time.

This cute puppy learned that as longer and louder he’ll cry, the more treats and loads of love he will get such as belly rubs etc.

As he was suffering two shots and was getting loads of belly rubs and treats each time for whining so we can say such reactions were bound to be happen to know how funny your pets are, isn’t an unfair stuff, agree?



Main Image Source : Pixabay

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