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Location of Crown Perth :

Owned by ‘Crown Limited Group‘, the Crown Perth is primarily an entertainment complex, promising extravagant and bustling hive of activities. A signature monument of the city of Perth, Western Australia, Crown Perth is basically a casino souk, with several additional attractions thus draining its owners of significant monetary figures for constant renovations, owing to the large influx of customers.

Located on the Great Eastern Highway, Burswood, minutes from the Central Business District, the Crown was established on the eastern bank of Swan river.

History of Crown Perth :

Publicly opened in 1985, the Crown Perth’s current form of an extensive precinct developed well through the late-90s and early 21st century, through several renovating operations. Built originally on a landfill facility, by Dallas Dempster and Genting Berhad, and formerly known as

Burswood Island Casino,

the initial construction took place within a two-stage process. The first (1985-88), costing A$200m led to a multi-purpose complex comprising a 130-table casino, a 400-room hotel, convention center, Tennis court, amphitheater and similar luxury amenities with beautification of the entire Burswood island area. But the second stage commenced some 20 years later. This hotel-casino complex, opened in 1985, after approval by Western Australian Parliament, was the largest casino in Australia and the third-largest in the world at the time. Profits exceeding expected targets with ever-increasing rush, led to speedy completion of the first stage, with the

Burswood Dome Indoor Sports Stadium

opening on 28 August 1987. The same year saw, other official openings of the complex amenities in the following months, (Hotel on 4 October, and

Convention Center

on 20 November). Subsequently, the whole

Burswood Island Complex

announced its official opening on 8 April 1988. The 1990s saw the expansion in casino infrastructure to its fanatic popularity, and further commercial ambitions. The stage two of the original Crown Perth extension plan, accelerated in the early 2000s, wherein, a second resort (291-room Holiday Inn Burswood) adjacent to the Burswood theatre opened on 1 August 2005. Both the hotels were renamed,

Crown Metropol Perth

and Crown Promenade in 2012. Other renovations saw the construction of various facilities and also the demolition of Burswood Dome in June 2013 for parking construction.

Attractions :

Western Australia’s largest private employer, with a staff of over 5,500, Crown Perth is a world-class entertainment facility, true to its name, and singular to its offered features. Crown Perth has evolved as one of the most preferred conference, event, leisure, and casino destination in Australia. With 33 restaurants and bars, a state-of-the-art convention center, a nightclub, a 2,300-seat amphitheater, several outdoor and indoor recreational facilities, along with a 24-hour Casino with 500 poker machines, 291-room Crown Promenade Hotel, and 397-room

Crown Metropol Perth

makes it a huge multi-purpose entertainment house, rendering to all kinds of entertainment seekers and corporate junkies. Luxury accommodation with premium services and facilities fetch a significant incentive annually for the Crown Limited through the Crown Perth. The world-class theatre has also been a witness to musical and art performances of international artists, ranging from the likes of Elton John, Mick Jagger, and Michael Jackson to Taylor Swift and Rihanna, along with several international indoor sports tournaments. Also, a cliché dining and recreational experience makes the Crown Perth extremely popular among the affluent, both Australian and international.

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