Creepiest Foot Fetish Chat On Tinder Ever

Tinder: Creepiest Foot Fetish Chat

Creepiest Foot Fetish Chat On Tinder Ever – Tinder’s popular dating platform has published a list of the most attractive occupations. Doing so proved that the most important thing for the users is not their appearance but their rather profession. However, what Tinder didn’t publish is a list of foot fetishes. People who use this app only for “feet creeping.” They don’t care either about the profession or hot chicks – no, all they want is those beautiful, suckable sweaty feet.

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Creepiest Foot Fetish Chat On Tinder Ever – A Tinder user, a girl, who wanted to stay anonymous, told me her weird story for Australia Unwrapped. We’ll call her Becky. It’s an unbelievable chat between her and a creepy feet-lover guy. So, enjoy. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Creepiest Foot Fetish Chat On Tinder Ever – Here’s her story: “Something so insane and unexpected happened a few weeks ago. Something so bad that I just… I needed to share it with someone since it had never happened to me before. It’s about a Tinder creeper. Now, I want you guys to sit down, buckle up, grab a box of popcorn and let’s get right into it. Obviously, I’m not going to use a real name, but we’ll call him Christian. Get it? 50 Shades? Anyway, it starts to unravel, and it’s great. So I message him first.”

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Hey – I simply said. And he texts me back right away.

  • All your toes painted?

So, I say yes.

  • What color?

Nothing else, no introduction, not even a simple hello. Still, out of curiosity, I say red. And by this point, I’m like, OK, why the heck are you even asking? I’m like, why?

  • I think it’s sexy – he casually replied as if we were chatting about the weather.

I’m like, OK, we’re back at it. We’re back at it again with the cute stuff, and the creepy stuff was maybe just some lame pickup line. So, I was like, well, I think you’re sexy too.

  • Is that so? – He asked.

And I told him I wouldn’t lie. After all, we matched for a reason, right? Well, wrong. This is where it gets super weird.

  • Want to make me your footboy?

I said, oh my, what does that even mean?

  • I’ll worship your feet and do whatever you tell me.

So, I should have known at this point that it was just gonna get weirder and weirder. Can’t get back to normal flirting anymore, can you? But it was kinda fun and I wanted to play with him for a little while. So I said, yeah, sure, I’m OK with that.

  • Becky, can you send me a picture of your feet?

And what do I do? I find myself sending him a picture of my mother’s feet. OMG, guys! Here he said, horny and all: “Ooh, what size?”

I said size 8.

  • What will you make me do?

And mind you, I have no idea how to proceed. Never been in a situation like this. No idea how to entertain this – just going along with it and letting my imagination run wild. So, I’m just kinda like, you know – give me something so I can work with it. You know what I’m saying? So I say, whatever you want, just tell me what. What do you like?

  • Kiss, lick, smell, suck on those toes? – He texted back without hesitation.

I said, oh really? I think I’d like that.

  • I would call you my queen and bow down and kiss them. I’d clean your feet with my tongue. And massage them too, until you say, stop.

Oh, shoot! I would like that ’cause, you know, I haven’t had a foot massage in ages. I mean, when was the last time your boyfriend or husband did that for you, seriously? I need it – sorry, not sorry!

  • And if I don’t do a good job, you can punish me. And this way, I wanna belong to you.

I think to myself, WOW! But I agree.

  • And if… if I don’t do it right, what? – He asked, probably already super hard.

I say, suck my toes until you gag. But then go even further – I ask him if I can punish him even more if he does a really bad foot job. He says yes. I said, cool, I like that.

  • How would you punish me?

Now, I could have gotten really creative, if you know what I mean, but I just couldn’t this time. It was also getting a bit too dark for my taste. So I say, I don’t, I don’t. I don’t know how. You guys deal with that stuff. I don’t, like, I really don’t. So he says, OK, don’t worry, it’s easy, you’re in total control. But still, he promises he’ll help me in the beginning.

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  • Walk outside barefoot; make me lick them clean. Spit on them. Tell me to lick them. Order me that.

Yes, I simply said. I said I want you to suck my filthy toes and kiss them. He said yes, he is going to lick them until I’m absolutely clean.

  • Yes, my queen, anything, keep going. – He texted.

I didn’t reply for a few minutes because I didn’t know what to say tbh. So, he continued.

  • Will you spit in my mouth if my tongue dries? So I can lick your feet better.

OK, wtf? This is it. It’s too much. Time to end the game. I mean, obviously, I’m like, what the hell? But I was still kinda interested in where it would lead to, you know? Anyways, I said that this was crazy. But he didn’t stop.

  • I’ll wait by the door naked on my hands and knees.

And I said you will watch me play with my own feet. He said, oh yes, begging me to let him kiss them. I said, but I won’t let you. Please, he says, I’ll be a really good pet. I said, IDK, I’ll think about it. Then he asked me to send him another picture of my feet. I said, one is enough for you, slave.

  • I would be on my knees and the floor kissing them.

I said, of course you would.

  • Would you stand on me and my face?

I thought, wouldn’t that hurt? So, I finally decided to end it and said no. However, the creep wouldn’t just give up, so I unmatched him, and that was it. Besides, I already took a bath that night; I didn’t need a weirdo licking my feet clean.

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Creepiest Foot Fetish Chat On Tinder Ever – So, what do you guys think – should Tinder add a special section for foot fetishes? Or maybe even BDSM? After all, there are a lot of them on there. Why not let them have casual fun with each other, like the rest of us? Explore and enjoy your sexuality, guys. However, if this was a bit too dark for you, we dare you to read something even darker. Push your limits.

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