Are Constellation Piercings Safe? – Hot New Trend

Did you know Constellation Ear Piercings is a Hot New Trend?

When it comes down to ear piercings, the more the merrier!

Quite frankly! We girls can take all! What about ear cuffs? Yeah, we love them. Studs that always shines on our whole ear lobe, yes, we will take them. Chain wraps, we are in for this too!

The piercing of constellations is generally a safe procedure, but you should avoid overdoing it. Getting too many ear piercings at once is the only risk with a constellation piercing, says Bubbers

In simple words, whenever a new piercing trends come in, we just drool over it. And the hilarious fact, we just don’t embrace the new trend. We merged the latest one with the previous one! That’s the major reason why constellation ear piercing is the hottest jewelry craze right now!


Is there any rule book for constellation ear piercings ?

Honestly, there is no hard and fast rule to do constellation ear piercing. It is same as it sounds, a cluster of piercings that are placed in the grouping on the ear! There is no rule book to do it. Pick up your favorite studs and place them wherever you want. The grouping is the only key to this new trend!

We can call constellation ear piercings to be artful and huge. The over all looks of this style is dainty. In this way, it is going to work for everyone. As mentioned in a start, you just need to use them in groupings. For instance, you may place the small studs in a triangular constellation. Or you can make a line of studs along your cartilage. Or you can put the bigger one in a start, which is further followed by smaller studs. Otherwise, you may stack them vertically, so it will look like shooting stars. Or you may satisfy with the cluster of studs underneath your Helix. The possibilities are limitless!

Constellation Ear Piercings fashion
Constellation Ear Piercings fashion

We won’t say that constellation ear piercings is exactly new. As we have experienced the stack piercings long before. We can say it is the evolved trend which is gaining momentum. Also, you cannot just go to the local piercing joint after reading this post. Just don’t do it in rush! Even a small piercing can take weeks, and we are talking about multiple piercings here! So, you need a proper planning and a lot of time to do it!

Tip for constellation ear piercings

Another important tip; don’t forget to collaborate with ear artist before going for constellation ear piercings. Everyone has a unique ear lobe shape. So let the artist design a perfect plan for your ears!

If you can take all pain, nothing is more intricate and intimidating than a constellation ear piercings! Furthermore, you can google search constellation ear piercings images for getting cool ideas before taking actual action. 

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