Clickbait Marketing Strategy Using the Latest Salt and Pepper Method

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If I can give you some advice for your blog the way to write headlines is by thinking of the process as if I’m adding “salt and pepper.” You first want to start with your salt – this is basically a benefit or topic that the audience is interested in. This is usually a 1-2 word phrase. It can be something like “save time, lose weight, get out of debt.” It can also be an attention getting topic like “COVID-19, climate change, or Donald Trump.” It’s these words which grab the readers attention when they’re scanning the web. After you have this “salt” you add the “pepper.” These are basically attention getting words and phrases. These can be things like “The easiest way to, the single most important thing, the greatest way to, Mistakes people make when, how to…., why…, what…etc.” The pepper also includes power words like “winning, breakthrough, crafty, surefire, strategies and so on.” All you have to do is mix the salt and pepper together and you’ll get a winning headline. Hope this helps. BTW, if you’re happy with my work please leave a comment thanks.

HEADLINES Salt and Pepper:


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Clickbait Headlines That Will Convert

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