Clare Valley – South Australia

Clare Valley is located in South Australia. It is situated at a distance of 100 kilometers north of the Adelaide City Centre. This city is highly recognized as the wine region of South Australia. Reason – it comprises of the Valley Wine Region which carry out a production of thousands of wines. If you are looking forward to seeking authenticity and substance. Clare Valley is calm and serene. The countryside of this place is certainly worth a visit.

The Clare Valley Vineyards:

The most famous spot of the Clare Valley is the Clare Valley Vineyards. The sight of elegant vines in these vineyards is simply breath-taking. There are five separate sub-regions at the yard. The sweeping gullies and rolling hills of this region are divine and pristine. The most amusing feature about these vineyards is that they change their landscape with each season. It becomes golden red in autumn. The springs are lush green and the winters at the Clare Valley Vineyards are full of morning mist.

Things To Do:

It entertains a number of activities for both the citizens as well as the visitors. The food and wine of this region is very popular. Thus, you can dine on your favorite food and drink your favorite wine exploring the picturesque view of the Valley. The family activities include various activities such as brunch and various other events. If you are a road trip love, you will love this place since it has a lot many things to explore. The road trips at this valley are simply heavenly. Fishing and boating is yet another activity that is highly enjoyed by the people here. Overall, this valley is one amazing holiday spot entertaining everything for its locals and visitors. You must visit here once to explore the beauty of this valley.

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