Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Office Upgrade

If your company is one that operates from corporate offices, you and your staff are going to be spending a lot of time in them, so they need to be a pleasant and functional space! Studies have shown that a good office design makes a positive impact on both the morale of the employees and also helps to retain them. Outdated office décor and old, worn-out office furniture make your office feel dull and dreary, and that will be reflected in the attitudes of your staff! If your company’s offices resemble a 1980s airport waiting area and everyone looks like their flight is 8 hours late, then you know it’s time for an office upgrade!

While it might be great to start all over from scratch and simply move your operations into a brand-new sparkly office building, that total instant fix isn’t always feasible! So, what can you do to make the most of the space you are in? One great step in the right direction is to go shopping for new office furniture in Sydney, if you can’t get a whole new building, you can at least replace the furniture! But first, let’s take a moment to consider how we can make the best choices possible that will create a vibrant working environment that will increase productivity by motivating your employees!

Flow – It’s important to choose new furniture that will allow flow. This means your staff has everything they need conveniently within reach so their creative work can flow smoothly without interruption. Make sure everyone is well connected for maximum ease of communication so that can flow as well! Great ideas happen when it’s easy to bounce them off a coworker, so the easier that is to do, the better. The office’s furniture plays a major part in promoting flow, for example plenty of desktop space, mobile office chairs, and surfaces with rounded edges have been demonstrated to make people more
comfortable sharing and interacting.

Zones – Make sure to choose a variety of furniture styles to delineate unique zones that can boost productivity. Every area has its own purpose, and the unified furniture styles present within delineate the fact that it is a zone, and help to signal the desired responses and behaviours of employees working and interacting within them. Technology-friendly desks for the main work area keep that zone feeling vital and professional, while soft sofas and low-end tables are great for informal break-out zone chat sessions. Sitting in a circle at a round table is ideal for your main meeting room, forming a communication-friendly and open environment where everyone is able to contribute.

Ergonomics – This is the modern office furniture buzzword that really does make a difference in the way people move, feel, think, and work! Ergonomic design refers to furniture specifically engineered to support the human body so that people can sit comfortably while working and not develop common office aches and pains. It’s a simple fact, relaxed, comfortable people work better, and can stick with it longer!

We hope this helps you to make your best decisions when you go shopping for your office’s new furniture!

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