Can A Cat Eat Bread? Is Bread Ok For My Cat?

Should You Give Your Cat Bread?

Although it may seem strange, many cats enjoy the flavour of the bread. There are stories of bread robbers all over the internet, about cats stealing pieces from counters or racing their owners to the toaster when they hear it explode. It’s a strange phenomenon that has perplexed cat owners all over the world, and no one understands why kitties find bread so tasty!

It might surprise you, but many cats enjoy the flavour of bread! But, can cats eat bread, and if so, is it harmful to them? In this brief guide, you’ll learn all you need to know.

So Can Cats Actually Eat Bread?

Yes, cats can eat bread, although it is not advised. Cats do not require carbohydrates, and bread contains primarily carbs, which are regarded as empty calories for cats with no nutritional value. It’s acceptable for cats to eat plain baked bread, but it should never be flavoured, as some loaves include garlic, fruits, and even chocolate, which may be detrimental to cats. Furthermore, no toppings should be used on the bread – butter and peanut butter are heavy in both fat and calories, while the chocolate spread is harmful to cats!

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Did You Know?

Cats have 32 muscles in each ear, allowing them to rotate their ears to pinpoint the exact source of a disturbance. Cats can also rotate their ears to 180 degrees!

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