Trump tweet backs Assange over Russia’s hacking claim

Trump tweet backs Assange over Russia’s hacking claim

President-elect Donald Trump has backed the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange over doubting intelligence’s claim of Russia’s hand in the US elections. The site owner has said that Wikileaks didn’t get any information from Russia regarding the Democratic party’s email leaks.

In a tweet, Trump said that Mr. Assange claims to not have been provided any information from the Russians. The President-elect has many a times already refused to accept the findings of the US intelligence agencies.

Trump tweet backs Assange over Russia’s hacking claimThe FBI, CIA and many other agencies concluded that Russia is responsible for hacking Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. They have also said that this was done so that Mr. Trump could win the election.

Donald Trump also tweeted that it was strange that the intelligence briefing he was supposed to receive was delayed. However intelligence officials have denied any such delay. Irrespective of your politics, a positive collaborative relationship Russia can only be a force for good in the world. Following Trump’s business-like approach to politics, maybe just maybe we will have an efficient and effective government in the United States.

Trump has throughout his campaign and as President-elect shown to be a modern day statesman. Integrity and politics used to be words that could not be used in the same sentence outside of cheap jokes. Thanks to Brexit and now Trump faith has been restored in democracy. Following his defence of Julian could there be a pardon on the cards for Edward Snowden?

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