Best Starbucks Coffee Beans

Starbucks is a coffee titan in the industry. It started as a small store and now have almost more than 30,000 stores around the world. According to an estimate, Starbucks is selling 1 freshly brewed cup of coffee every 50 seconds.

Starbucks also sells coffee beans so that you can enjoy the same delicious cup of coffee at home. They have many varieties, roasts, and flavors of beans. So, it’s often hard for the customers to choose the best beans.

Thus, I have shortlisted the best Starbucks coffee beans along with their features, pros, and cons. So, you can easily select the ones that you like the most.

Here is the guide – Best Starbucks Coffee Beans.

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1. Starbucks French Roast Coffee:

Pros Cons
Intense, strong, and smokey Won’t make the best shot with other extraction methods.
Works best with French Press  


French roast contains Arabica coffee beans and it is dark roasted. The beans are fully-flavored with hints of caramel, bold and strong in flavor. You will taste bitter notes in French Roast, which is why many people love these beans.

One cup in the morning will keep you going throughout the day. These beans work well with the French press and drip machines. French Roast beans require a long time for extraction so you get the best brew.

2. Café Verona

Pros Cons
An amazing mix of dark & light roast Weak for strong coffee lovers
Post-roast coffee beans  


This is a very special kind of blend. Dark and light roasted beans are combined to make the medium roast. You will taste a sweet and bitter blend of coffee beans.

Café Verona is loved because of its balanced flavor and intense aroma coupled with uniqueness. The light roast will calm you down and the dark roast will keep you active for long hours. As a whole, Starbucks Café Verona coffee beans are worth a try!

3. Starbucks Breakfast Blend:

Pros Cons
Sweet and light Weak for intense coffee lovers
Perfect for breakfast  


A roast that tastes just like you are drinking a fresh cup standing in Starbucks. It has a light kick of caffeine with a medium roast.

The breakfast blend is light and perfect for extracting espresso shots. A cup of coffee made of Starbucks Breakfast blend, as the name suggests, is just ideal to have in breakfast along with sweet pancakes or waffles. It has a subtle flavor with hints of bitterness.

Those who like to have a simple cup of Joe daily without much chaos must try Breakfast Blend!!

4. Decaf Pike Place

Pros Cons
Strong and bold A regular flavor


Starbucks was started in Pike Place, near Seattle. So, this blend got its name from there. Pike Place is considered the regular coffee at Starbucks. So, if you order a cup of coffee at Starbucks, you will get a piping hot cup of Pike Place coffee.

The blend of bright and dark notes just tastes amazing. Those who drink decaf coffee will also enjoy this roast. Pike place has a sweet aroma and pungent flavor. Made of Arabica beans, Pike Place coffee beans are oily yet classic in flavor.

5. Brazil Blend

Pros Cons
Fruity in flavor Not commonly available
Unique blend Not a conventional coffee


This is a medium roast enriched with flavors of vanilla, nuts, and maple syrup. Brazil blend is, especially, loved for its nuttiness and fruity flavor.

The Brazilian blend contains coffee from 3 different origins; Brazil, Kenya, and Costa Rica. Brazil coffee beans contain full-bodied Latin American beans. Kenyan coffee beans are fruity with hints of brown sugar. They are sourced from African countries. Costa Rica coffee beans contain notes of lemon and cocoa.

Brazilian beans have country-specific blends with a combination of light and dark roasts.

6. Veranda Blend

Pros Cons
High caffeine content Too rich
Light and full-flavored


Veranda blend is light roasted and the coffee beans are mixed with malt & baking chocolate. The beans are sourced from Latin America. They are spicy and nutty with a clear, consistent flavor. The beans are roasted at a specific temperature to achieve this unique blend.

Veranda blend has more caffeine as compared to the other Starbucks light roasts. It will give you a good caffeine kick in the morning along with a pleasant acidic taste.

7. Espresso Roast

Pros Cons
Strong with crema on top Too much oil
Fully-flavored beans Can clog the filter of the coffee machine


Espresso roast can be used in almost all types of coffee machines like French Press, drip machines, and pour-over. When coffee beans are roasted, the natural oils from the inside come out on the surface. These oils make the soft crema on the top of an espresso shot.

Espresso roast is very dark and makes a strong cup of coffee just like a traditional cup you will get from coffee shops. A spicy cup with sweet caramel notes is perfect to pair up with bread in the morning.

Final Verdict

These were our top picks of Starbucks coffee beans. Try them out and let us know which one is your favorite!!

Starbucks coffee beans are highly debated by coffee aficionados. Some people review that the beans are of low quality, bitter and burnt. Despite the bad reviews, a majority of coffee addicts love Starbucks premium coffee and coffee beans.

Explore the different roasts and flavors of Starbucks coffee beans and share your review with us!!

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