Best Performing Shares of 2020 in ASX

ASX’s Best 2020 Stocks to Watch Out For in 2021

In this article, we are going to go over the 10 best performing shares of 2020 in the ASX. This list was made on 9th December and therefore the data presented is relevant for this date. Although the data is not expected to change much in the coming days, still it is better to know.

So without further ado, let us look at the 10 best performing shares of 2020 in the Australian Stock Exchange.

1. Vulcan Energy Resources Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 2.760
  • 52 week high: 2.910
  • 52 week low: 0.140
  • 52 week % change: +1,680.65%
Vulcan Energy Resources Limited

Vulcan energy is situated in the energy sector and it is the best performing stock in the ASX at the time of writing this article. The data above shows the quantum of change that the share price of Vulcan energy has gone through. It can be seen how at the beginning of 2020, the share price was 0.140 and how the stocks of the company appreciated in value throughout the year. It is expected that the share position will get better as time progresses and therefore this is a very hot share to invest in right now.

2. Race Oncology Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 1.750
  • 52 week high: 2.290
  • 52 week low: 0.185
  • 52 week % change: 845.95%
Race Oncology Limited

Race Oncology limited is situated in the pharma sector and therefore it is no surprise that the share price of Race Oncology has skyrocketed in 2020. At the moment it is one of the best performing shares with over 1200% capital appreciation in the year. This means that anyone who had invested in this company at the starting of 2020, must have seen their investment grow by over 1200%.

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3. Chalice Mining Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 3.900
  • 52 week high: 4.440
  • 52 week low: 0.145
  • 52 week % change: +1,633.33%
Chalice Mining Limited

Chalice mining is another very hot stock in the ASX. It has shown capital appreciation by over 2400% in 2020. Mining is one of those sectors that seldom go out of trend, so it is a very safe investment for anyone looking to invest. It must however be remembered that the mining sector can get influenced by negative political developments between China and Australia. Although 2020 saw a lot of negative political developments between the two but the rift so far has been contained only to statements and on ground China has continued to invest in and import raw materials from Australia, which is one reason why the stocks of Chalice mining have risen throughout the year. The choppy graph shows the volatility caused by the political developments, however on the whole the stock has performed extraordinarily well.

4. EMvision Medical Devices Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 3.120
  • 52 week high: 4.200
  • 52 week low: 0.400
  • 52 week % change: +330.34%
Ernvision Medical Devices Limited

EMvision is also situated in the pharma sector and it deals in medical instruments and devices. The business of EMvision has seen a significant increase during 2020 and this is reflected in the share price movements over the year.

5. Redbubble Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 5.520
  • 52 week high: 6.600
  • 52 week low: 0.400
  • 52 week % change: +401.82%
Redbubble Limited

RedBubble limited is a platform for the artists, who can submit their artwork that can be printed. It can be considered as an e-commerce platform and is therefore in one of those sectors that have seen growth during the pandemic. The stocks of Redbubble have performed well, showing an increase of 225% throughout the year. It is expected that the e-commerce sector will grow during 2021 as well, therefore any investors looking to invest in this sector can do so without taking on too much risk.

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6. Afterpay Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 118.00
  • 52 week high: 120.06
  • 52 week low: 8.010
  • 52 week % change: +293.46%
Afterpay Limited

Afterpay is a well known Australia based startup that has continued its growth even during the pandemic. Afterpay has been helped by the fact that it is situated in the ecommerce sector which has seen growth during the year. In addition to this Afterpay is also very well situated with respect to the pandemic because it allows users to purchase goods online on installments, which makes online purchases easier.

Investors, therefore can invest into Afterpay without taking on too much risk as the position of Afterpay is quite secure.

7. Temple and Webster Group Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 11.07
  • 52 week high: 14.050
  • 52 week low: 1.520
  • 52 week % change: +304.01%
Temple and Webster Group Limited

Temple and Webster Group is situated in the ecommerce sector, which can clearly be seen by its stock price movement during the year. During the year the stock price has seen a positive 343% change, which is why Temple and Webster Group is one of the best performing stocks in the ASX for 2020.

Lately the performance has gone down a bit which may be a sign that the stock may be going through some turbulence. Investors wanting to invest in the group, should wait for the Q4 financial results, to get a better idea of the reason for the slightly lacklustre performance in Q4.

8. Galaxy Resources Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 2.230
  • 52 week high: 2.330
  • 52 week low: 0.678
  • 52 week % change: +143.52%
Galaxy Resources Limited

Galaxy Resources Limited is situated in the mining sector of Australia and is one of the best performing stocks of ASX for 2020. Its share price has seen an increase of 129% and this momentum is likely to continue in 2021. The same caveat applies here as well, that the mining sector is one of those sectors which is heavily dependent on trade and therefore any negative political development can affect the mining sector.

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9. Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 19.00
  • 52 week high: 25.570
  • 52 week low: 3.450
  • 52 week % change: +161.01% is a famous online shopping portal, its stock performance has been extraordinary which is why it is included among the top performing ASX stocks. has seen over 150% change in its share price which is a very positive indicator of the stock`s performance. Although the last quarter has been a bit lacklustre for but the holiday season is set to show good results. Investors should therefore buy the shares of, with the expectation of seeing a profit in the next month or so.

10. Nitro Software Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 3.200
  • 52 week high: 3.660
  • 52 week low: 0.730
  • 52 week % change: +96.32%
Nitro Software Limited

Nitro Software is a software development company. It has been one of the top performing stocks of ASX. Although as compared to other stocks in this article, the percentage change for Nitro Software is not as great but the stock price performance for Nitro Software has been very stable throughout the year, which shows that the fundamentals of the company are very strong.

2021 should be a good year for Nitro Software and based on the information we have so far, it can be said that Nitro Software is a good investment. Investors should however carry out their own due diligence to see the product offering and other factors to gauge whether Nitro can sustain this stock performance in 2021, when things are expected to be more turbulent.

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