Best of Kiko Shy-Shy: Friends Good Company and Positive Vibes

Kiko Shy-Shy composes Friends Good Company and Positive Vibes Song

The best thing about having friends is we can count on them, no matter how our situation might be there will be people who are willing to lend a hand

It’s good to spend time with friends, have a good time. Feel free to talk whatever we want and of course, we can make most out of the moments.

Sometimes in life people come and people go, however, what we have is the now, the moments, this minute, don’t waste the gift of life and make the most out of your time.

Tune into Friends Good Company and Positive Vibes and get yourself in the mood for good times ahead.

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Here’s the lyrics of the song,

Verse 1

Friday night we dance in the city under the lights

Party started already well into the night

Whiskey is flowing, a Bourbon or two

I don’t really smoke but I might have a few

Lights kick in-home time has come but this party has just begun

Hail the taxi, drinks are on at my place so come along (come along x3)


Put on some music, dancing till the dawn

The sunlight is rising and it’s so energizing

All this good company it is surrounding me in positivity

I feel all the positive vibes (the best company)

I feel all the positive vibes (it’s my friends and me)

Surrounded in positive vibes

Verse 2

All settles down, no more fun to be had,

Better get some water, and get to bed

Wake up with a bang, oh god what I’ve done

Hangover in full force at least we had fun

Reflect on the night, before we go our own ways

Share the photos on our phones from yesterday

They make it impossible to downplay

The fun we had last night when we…


Stay tuned to listen to more of these amazing songs from Kiko Shy-Shy

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Main Image Source: Pixabay

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