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Movies like stardust always gain so much popularity among their viewers. Do you like the stardust movie that was released back in 2007? It is one of the biggest hits that earns massive revenue. The fans of stardust movies always hunt for some other sequels like it. Many great alternatives attract movie lovers, like stardust. There is no doubt that stardust is one of the amazing movies, but there are also many other options that you can watch and enjoy.

Here we will share the top trending movies like stardust that also admire you. So let’s dive into it.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is the first release in the fantasy genre during the year 2021. It is the most significant success of the year and has gained popularity worldwide. The movie sequel is all about the J.R.R Tolkien books with similar titles. It features the adventures story of a hobbit named Frodo Baggins. He comes into the magical profession and finds a ring. Later on, Fordo finds that he has to team up with the hero’s gang to play a vital role in the war and save middle earth.

Harry Potter Franchise

Everybody knows about Harry potter. The legendary British author J.K Rowling gives the successful books that admire the Hollywood movie makers for making the biggest hits. The first Harry Potter movie was the biggest hit and broke the records at the box office. Later on, it follows the six fantastic sequels, and every sequel is successful. Now the harry potter franchise is similar to the stardust in which fights with the evil wizards. If you love the stardust, you will also love the Harry Potter franchise.

The Hobbit Movies

The Hobbit movies are another success story by the Lord of the Rings trilogy writer. J.R.R. Tolkiens features several characters and gives a fantastic story. The Hobbit is based on Bilbo Baggins, who attempts to take the treasure of Samsung, the dragon. However, it is one of the most significant pieces of news for stardust lovers to enjoy a fantastic movie from their favourite writer, and Peter Jackson’s director makes it more awesome.


Ron Howard is one of the notable directors who also directed the Lord of the rings movie. Willow stars include Warwick Davis and many more that make the story more impressive. The willow movie features the story of a young dwarf who discovers a baby on the bank of a river. Willow takes the baby to his family to keep him safe. However, Willow later knows the dark turn that dispatches the troops to find the kid and kill him. After that, Willow takes steps to save the child.

Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth is a critical smash that won more than a hundred awards. This awards list also includes the three Oscars. It is a fantasy film that brings more depth to the movie and attracts the fans of stardust. The movie features the tale of a young girl who is in trouble and caught up in Franco’s Fascist in Spain. She was an innocent young girl who found mercy for her from his evil army stepfather. However, she tries to escape from the fantasy world and struggles to remove the darkness around her.

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