10 of the Best Australian True Crime Podcasts to Terrify You

Top Ten Crime Story Podcasts To Listen to In Australia 

Crime podcasts are an excellent way to experience stories told by the most creative narrators who can combine creativity, emotion, and entertainment. Hosts and producers tailor these to make you experience thrill, suspense, and creativity and therefore keep you entertained and at the peak of differently occurring emotions that grip you as the stories unfold. To experience the best of Australian podcasts, here are the top ten Australian podcasts that combine the best you could ever want in crime podcasts.


Stalking Australia

Stalking Australia, however, is an original story about a young Sydney man who has spent his life stalked by a mysterious figure from his past.

The story follows Jay, who grew up in Sydney’s west but moved to London as a teenager after being bullied. When he returned home ten years later, he was shocked to discover he’d become the target of an obsessive stalker who had recreated his entire life down to the minute detail.


The Disappearance of Des

The Disappearance of Des is a factual crime investigation that delves into the disappearance of Desiree Gibbon in 2017. In June 2017, Desiree went missing for no apparent reason in the Dominican Republic. People last saw her in Sosua, a town on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. She was found dead after 17 days missing with multiple stab wounds.

The story starts with an interview with Desiree’s mother and brother about what happened to her. It provides an insight into her family and shows how strong they are despite this tragedy. A series of events unfold slowly, providing all details without rushing anything. After telling us about Des’ mother and brother, we get introduced to Alisa Williams (her best friend). She gives us more information about their friendship and life in general. Such interviews help paint a picture of who Desiree was before she died.


Searching for Sarah Macdiarmid

Searching for Sarah Macdiarmid follows the story of a woman who disappeared in 1977. No one ever found her again. Her family is searching for answers about what happened to her. But what makes the podcast interesting is that this woman’s family members are recording the podcast together, and you can hear them reminiscing about their loved ones as they search for her, even though she’s been gone for decades. The podcast takes its name from the main character, but all other characters are alive and recorded in full.


The Ricky Balcombe Murder

The podcast got told from the perspective of “Dale,” who has recently gotten out of prison after serving time for an alleged murder incident. He’s obsessed with solving the murder of Ricky Balcombe in 1999, which was one of Britain’s most high-profile unsolved crimes at the time. It is because he believes that a man named John Portman was responsible for both murders and is now living in Spain under an assumed identity. Dale’s investigation got helped by his sister and their friend Doreen, who has insider knowledge.


Police Tape

Police Tape takes a clear-eyed approach to true crime. It’s the kind of pod that’s not afraid to ask great questions and do some digging rather than just rehashing a case for shock value. The first season explores the issue of Lyle Stevik, an anonymous man who committed suicide in 2001 after checking into a hotel under a false name in Washington state. The second season explores the case of Sherri Holland, a woman who died under mysterious circumstances during a trip to Costa Rica. The host is excellent at guiding listeners through the story, and he has a natural ability to make complex concepts easy to digest.


Understanding Sexual Crime

The Australian podcast “Understanding Sexual Crime” is an excellent choice for those looking for a holistic view of sexual violence. The hosts, Dr. Ingrid Murning and Dr. Carolyn Worth, interview experts from a wide range of backgrounds and talk about everything from the definitions of rape to the impact of the media on our perception of sex crimes. Though they touch on some depressing topics, they manage to be both informative and entertaining, making this a great listen for anyone who wants to learn more about what goes into these crimes and how victims can move forward after being attacked.


True Crime Conversations

True Crime Conversations is an Australian podcast that talks about the cold cases of Australia. The first episode is about a young man who went missing in 1999. Nobody saw her body again for 14 years. This show does a fantastic job of walking through the case details and interviewing people who knew him when he disappeared. The host also has a great sense of humor, which adds to the experience. True Crime conversations are worth checking out if you like true crime stories.


True Crime Down Under

True Crime Down Under is an Australian podcast that follows the hosts, Lee and Dave, as they investigate some of Australia’s most bizarre and fascinating unsolved crimes. The two are detectives in their day jobs and have experience in the field, so their insights are always entertaining.


True Crime Island

True Crime Island is a uniquely Australian podcast focusing exclusively on murders in Australia. It has resulted in a surprisingly wide range of stories and locations, as Australia has had its fair share of crime throughout its history.


What happened to Zac?

What happened to Zac? is a new Australian podcast hosted by Luke Ryan and Adam Knox that looks at the disappearance of Zac Darrington, a missing child in New South Wales who has been missing since 1999.

According to the first episode, he went missing while on his way home from school after getting seen going into an unidentified man’s car. The podcast shows the police investigation, what they found at the scene of his disappearance, how they ruled out suspects, and any followed leads. In this episode, Ryan and Knox also talk about why this case has not gotten solved yet and how it is one that still haunts law enforcement officials as well as people in Zac’s community.

Since the Australian crime podcast began, it has become a diverse, vibrant community of talented and passionate storytellers. These podcasters use their voices and platforms to educate and entertain their audiences, breaking down socio-economic divides with riveting storytelling. If you’re looking for new Australian crime podcasts to fill the void in your listening schedule, then look no further than these best Australian podcasts.

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