Cradle Mountain is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Australia. It is located in the Tasmania Region in the Central Highlands. Another remarkable thing about this mountain is that it is situated in the Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Clair National Park of Tasmania. This amusing mountain rises high at an elevation of 1,545 meters. The high elevation makes the Cradle Mountain the fifth highest Tasmanian Mountain. The natural beauty of this mountain is more than attractive. This mountain is composed of the dolerite columns. Interestingly, this mountain also has many other mountains of the region in tow. The rocks at the Mountain are from the Jurassic age.

Flora and Fauna at the Cradle Mountain:

The  Mountain is a home to various flora and fauna of Australia. A wide variety of alpine as well as sub alpine vegetation is found in this mountainous region. The flora is here is evergreen. Why? Because the vegetation like alpine coral fern, button grass, mountain rocket, deciduous beech, pandani, sassafras, etc are found in abundance here. The fauna at the Cradle Mountain include species like wombats, Tasmanian Devils, wedge-tailed eagles, pink robins, green rosellas, echidnas, etc. The tiger snakes found here are dangerously poisonous.

Experience a wild landscape:

This mountain shares a twin park agreement with the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve which is located in the People’s Republic of China. You can experience an amazing wild landscape with ancient rainforest as well as alpine heathlands. The icy steams coming out of these rugged mountains make the view all the more picturesque. Since the Cradle Mountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Tasmania, it entertains a great accommodation facility for all its visitors. There are beautiful wooden cottages where you can rest yourself after a long and a tiring hike at these mountains. The accommodation is simply ideal.

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