Australian Aboriginal Stories

Australian Aboriginal Stories – The Australian Aborigines have a lot of wonderful stories. Some of these stories include:

Australian Aboriginal Stories – In the Beginning Was the Dreaming:

Australian Aboriginal Stories – The Aborigines believe in a Jiva, a kind of seed deposited here on earth.  They believe that whatever that we do, we will always leave a residue, just as plants do by leaving seeds as their images everywhere. They also believe that the structure of the land like mountains, riverbeds and others are representatives of the events that led to the formation of the earth. As a seed is firmly rooted to the ground, it is believed that everything on this planet is a representative of the supernatural beings who are responsible for the creation of our world. This is what they call “Dreaming”. This is one of the oldest stories of the Aborigines and they hold this story in a very high esteem.

Australian Aboriginal Stories – Healing Waters:

It is believed by this people that a water creature was the one responsible for the creation of the Jenolan environment. In this story, a creature, Guarangatch, who was partly eel and partly fish engaged in a struggle with a quoll, Mirragan.  Their fight allegedly took them over the Gundungurra nation. During the fight, two rivers were reportedly gouged out. These are the Rivers Wollondily and Cox. During the course of the fight, Gurangatch was reportedly pursued by Mirragan as far as the Whambeyan cave. Having been exhausted by the fight, Gurangatch decided to rest and lick his wounds to that they will heal completely. This place still contains his blood till today around the exit of the grand arch. Due to the fact that Jenolan is found at the location where Guarangatch took his rest, his thoughts are believed to have integrated into the land, thus becoming part of  the land.  The Aborigines believe that flowing water represents women. As such it is believed that woman’s food as well as good medicine to treat and cure women can also be found here as Guarangatch has given it curative powers.


Australian Aboriginal Stories – Rainbow Serpent/Rainbow Snake:

This is a deity among the Australian Aborigines. It got its name from because of its similarities of its shape with that of a snake and the shape of a rainbow. They believe that when the rainbow is seen in the sky, it is due to the fact that the serpent is relocating from a waterhole to another waterhole, and this is said to be responsible for the wonders of some waterholes never drying up during cases of severe drought. There are different names and stories attached to this serpent; they all have the general idea of a powerful serpent that is seen as being able to give life, because it is connected with water. It can also be destructive if angry or provoked. This story remains one of the most popular stories of the Aborigines as they see as very significant to their existence. This story has continued to influence both cultural and religious beliefs all around the world for centuries.

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