Around the World: How to Create a Successful Vlog

Travelling is back again, and tourists are eager to explore new places and record their adventures. You can see many travel influencers flaunt their fun trips to various places including the people they met along the way.

But how do they create engaging content? Is there a secret in producing the perfect travel vlog? In this article, you’ll discover how to create engaging and immersive travel vlogs for your audience, enough to make them feel as if they’re with you during your trip!

Don’t film everything

I know, it’s thrilling to explore a new place and you want to record every single moment so you won’t miss it. But in creating travel vlogs, you don’t want to film anything and everything. It only makes your vlog full of fluff which can make your audience lose interest. Not only that, but you’ll also become busy with filming to the point where you won’t actually enjoy your trip.

So, don’t film everything you experience or see. Instead, plan on what videos you want to make. Doing this will help you save time, camera battery, and of course, you’ll be able to live in the moment.

Bring the right equipment

Vlogging requires equipment, and with travel vlogging, you’d want to bring stuff that can help you film without taking too much luggage space. If not, you’ll end up with too much stuff which will only end up in luggage storage.

Your vlogging equipment doesn’t have to be the fancy stuff right away, even your smartphone will do. The important thing is that your equipment is durable and allows you to film regardless of your travel conditions. It’s also necessary to have a tripod stand on hand so you can hand-held content by yourself, as well as a microphone that can cut out wind and background noise.

With the right equipment, you can create a vlog with great video and sound quality that makes your audience feel as if they’re with you during your trip.

Tell a story

Travel influencers are great in storytelling. They create content that engage the audience through their descriptions of their experiences and surroundings.

Through storytelling, you can create a travel vlog that can emotionally connect with your audience. Make your travel vlog as if you’re writing in your diary or journal— tell stories about your day and the people you’ve interacted with, from your tour guide to the locals in the area. 

Show the world with your eyes

Travel vlogging lets your audience view the world from your perspective. This is why these vlogs attract more attention than regular travel videos.

In creating your vlog, remember to incorporate your personality and perspective into it. Doing this adds a personal touch to your content, making your audience feel more connected towards you and your vlogs. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show yourself in the vlog. Remember, your vlog is still a part of you, so think and speak as if you’re with a friend rather than merely reporting your adventures.

Include other people

No matter where you go, other people are still with you whether they’re locals or other travellers. The thing is, you really can’t avoid them as much as you would want to, so why not initiate interaction instead?

You can ask locals and frequent tourists questions about where you are. They know the place extensively, from favourite spots to eat to hidden gems for adventure. They might even share tips on how to make your stay worthwhile. Who knows, you might win their hearts and end up becoming friends with them!

Watch other travel vlogs

The world is your training ground, and that also includes watching other travel vlogs. Doing so will give you ideas on your next content and insights on how to make your vlogs more engaging and interactive. After all, there’s no harm in drawing inspiration from others, so might as well learn new things from them.

Also, it might give you the chance of collaborating with them on your next vlog!

Travel and create your vlog today

Travelling reduces stress and takes your mind off of things, but it can also be a great way to earn money. Over the years, travel vlogging gained popularity as the content produced makes the audience transport to places they’ve never been to. However, creating an engaging travel vlog isn’t as easy as pie. Rather, it requires effort and thorough planning to ensure its quality. So, pick up your camera and passport, and explore the world for the world to see!

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