Apple iPhone 6S Vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Comparison

Compare Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Apple iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 6S Vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Comparison: Apple and Samsung are the fierce rivals when it comes to smart phones. With iPhone series and Galaxy series, both companies are getting edge to edge for presenting best device in the market. Almost both devices are at par in terms of features.

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The problem occurs when users can’t choose which one is best. Both companies released their latest flagships of iPhone 6S and Samsing Galaxy S6 in the market. No smart phone is better than another one in terms of features and specifications as whole.

Actually, both devices have their special features. The real question is what feature is your priority. This way you can choose better smart phone for yourself.

That’s why this article has been composed for you. Here is the detailed comparison of both smart phones. After reading this article it will be easier to choose what smartphone suits best for your needs.

Dimensions & Weights:

iPhone 6S has weight of 143 g while Samsung Galaxy S6 weighs only 138 g. In previous versions of both smart phones, companies did not give much attention. As previous iPhone has not big screen while predecessor of Samsung Galaxy S6 have a plastic body. But iPhone 6S has a larger size and Samsung galaxy S6 is luxuriously made.


iPhone 6S has cutting edge display screen of size 4.7”. While Samsung Galaxy S6 is equipped with bigger screen of 5.1”. In terms of colors and display, both smartphones are top most. But iPhone 6S has edge of 3D touch.

Operating System:

iPhone 6S is running on latest iOS 9. While Samsung Galaxy S6 came with updated and powerful Android Lollipop.


iPhone 6S has 2GB RAM While Samsing Galaxy S6 is running with 3GB RAM. So in case of speed and faster memory access, Samsung Galaxy S6 is faster.


iPhone 6S has processor composed of Dual core 2GHz. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy S6 has a more powerful processor of Quad core 2.1 GHz.


Both smartphones have non expandable storage. iPhone 6S comes in three versions of 16/64/128 GB. While other one comes in 32/64/128 GB.


iPhone 6S has 12 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera in HD. While Samsung Galaxy has more powerful camera of 16 MP and 5 MP front camera.


Galaxy s6 can survive for straight 17 hours, while iPhone 6S only lasts for 14 hours.


Starting price of iPhone 6S and Galaxy S6 are $1079 & $999.

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Stay tuned for more smartphones comparison with iPhone 6s to take buying decision.

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