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Top 5 Tracks of Anne-Marie

We know how excited you are to be swept away by music through Anne-Maries Top 5 Tracks. Australian Unwrapped would like to give you first a glimpse of the life of the artist. Enjoy reading and listening!

All about Anne-Marie 

Who is Anne-Marie: Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson is her full name. She owned these hit singles on the UK Singles Chart, including Clean Bandit’s “Rockabye”, which charted number one, as well as “Alarm”, “Ciao Adios”, “Friends”, “2002”, “Don’t Play” and “Kiss My (Uh-Oh)”. Her debut studio album, Speak Your Mind, was released in 2018 and peaked at number three on the UK Albums Chart.

Full Name: Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson

Born: April 7, 1991

Origin: East Tilbury, Essex, England

Genres: Pop grime – R&B

Zodiac: Aries

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Anne-Marie was a world champion black belt holder in karate and her first job was as a karate teacher.
You Deserve Better is Anne-Marie’s very own self-help book that she released it in September 2021.
Her favorite food is toast with butter and peanut butter.

We freaking love music here at Unwrapped, and we adore Anne-Marie. In our humble opinion, here are the BEST FIVE SONGS by the legendary Anne-Marie (most liked, listened and downloaded songs) across the web!!!

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Five All-Time Best Songs of Anne-Marie

        1. FRIENDS
        2. 2002
        3. Rewrite The Stars (with James Arthur & Anne-Marie)
        4. fuck, i’m lonely (with Anne-Marie)
        5. Ciao Adios


Length: 3:22

Release: 2018

Opening Lyrics:

You say you love me, I say you crazy
We’re nothing more than friends
You’re not my lover, more like a brother
I known you since we were like ten, yeah
Don’t mess it up, talking that shit
Only gonna push me away, that’s it
When you say you love me, that make me crazy
Here we go again
Don’t go look at me with that look in your eye
You really ain’t going away without a fight
You can’t be reasoned with, I’m done being polite
I’ve told you one, two, three, four, five, six thousand times


Length: 3:06

Release: 2018

Opening Lyrics:

I will always remember
The day you kissed my lips
Light as a feather
And it went just like this
No, it’s never been better
Than the summer of 2002 (ooh)
Uh, we were only eleven
But acting like grown-ups
Like we are in the present
Drinking from plastic cups
Singing, “Love is forever and ever”
Well, I guess that was true
Dancing on the hood in the middle of the woods
On an old Mustang, where we sang
Songs with all our childhood friends
And it went like this, say

Rewrite The Stars (with James Arthur & Anne-Marie)

Length: 3:38

Release: 2018

Opening Lyrics:

You know I want you
It’s not a secret I try to hide
You know you want me
So don’t keep saying our hands are tied
You claim it’s not in the cards
And fate is pulling you miles away
And out of a reach from me
But you’re hearing my heart
So who can stop me if I decide it’s on my destiny?
What if we rewrite the stars?
Say you were made to be mine
Nothing could keep us apart
You’ll be the one I was meant to find
It’s up to you, and it’s up to me
No one could say what we get to be

fuck, i’m lonely (with Anne-Marie)

Length: 3:18

Release: 2019

Opening Lyrics:

I call you one time, two time, three time
I can’t wait no more
Your fingers through my hair, that’s on my mind
I know it’s been a minute since you walked right through that door
But I still think about you all the time
I don’t know, I don’t know
How I’m gonna make it out
I don’t know, I don’t know
Now you got me sayin’
Fuck, I’m lonely, I’m lonely, I’m lonely as
Fuck, come hold me, come hold me, come hold me
It’s been me myself and why
Did you go? Did you go?

Ciao Adios

Length: 3:19

Release: 2017

Opening Lyrics:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ask you once, ask you twice now
There’s lipstick on your collar
You say she’s just a friend now
Then why don’t we call her?
So you wanna go home with someone
To do all the things you used to do to me
I swear, I know you do
Used to take me out, in your fancy car
And make out in the rain
And when I ring you up
Don’t know where you are


Anne-Marie : A Song List Worth Listening

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