7 Highest Scorers In The WNBL All Time


This article compiles some of the highest all-time scorers in the WNBL, and these are some of the most decorated female players to ever grace the league. So without further ado, let’s begin.

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1. Suzy Batkovic

Suzy Batkovic has played first-division basketball in different parts of the world for a long time. She is the all-time scorer in the WNBL, immersing 5843 points in 346 games.

Suzy moved to Townsville in 2001 and was essential for the debut group at the Townsville Fire, WNBL club. From that point forward, this city has held a special spot in her heart.

Playing the pro game has shown Suzy all cooperation, initiative, empathy, the significance of tuning in, how to battle for what’s right, and the stuff to cooperate to accomplish results. This is precisely what Suzy expects to do as your Councilor for Division 6.

Townsville is currently Suzy’s home; she adores it there. Suzy and her spouse Dan have twin young ladies, Layla and Charli.

She believes they should experience childhood in a city with an open door and maintains that they should cherish this spot however much she does.

For this reason, Suzy will battle without holding back to create Townsville as the best city it very well may be.

Suzy tells the truth and is diligent; she will tune in and address the requirements of the local area; she presents with the same energy that made her a boss in her long profession.

2. Rachael Sporn

Second on the list is Rachael Sporn, who has immersed a total of 5823 points throughout her career and has achieved this feat in 377 games.

Brought into the world in Murrayville, Victoria, Sporn played for Adelaide Lightning in Australia’s Women’s National Basketball League, where she was two times association MVP and multiple times chosen in the WNBL All-Star Five.

She heads the unequaled scoring and rebound list for the WNBL. The Women’s National Basketball Association club Detroit Shock selected Sporn for the 1998 season.

Sporn played 304 games for the public ball group, the Opals, including three Olympic Games — two silver decorations (2000 and 2004) and a bronze (1996) — and three World Championships (1990, 1994, and 1998).

Sporn is an indicted member of the Australian Sports Hall of Fame and the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame.

She was granted the Australian Sports Medal in 2000 and the Centenary Medal in 2001. Rachael Sporn is the only Adelaide Lightning player to have her number retired by the team.

Having started her prosperous profession when the club formed in the 1993 season. Her #14 singlet dangles the western wall of the Adelaide Arena close by Lightning’s 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, and 2008 WNBL title standards.

3. Shelley Sandie

Third on the list is Shelley Sandie; she has scored a whopping 5204 points in 321 games.

Shelley Sandie is a retired female b-ball player from Australia who played for the Canberra Capitals.

A three-time Olympian, she was an individual from the public ladies’ group that guaranteed the bronze decoration at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from the Australian Institute of Sport in 1987.

Shelley Sandie was in the Australia women’s b-ball team in three Olympics, winning two accolades: bronze in 1996 and silver in 2000.

The Victorian forward made her Olympic presentation under her last name by birth, Gorman, in 1988.

Australia didn’t fit the bill for the 1992 Olympics. Sandie returned to the Games in Atlanta and demonstrated a vital player in her impressive wins in the Olympic games.

The 1996 bronze medal was Australia’s maiden award in the game. The group raised the stakes in Sydney, staying undefeated before losing the last to the United States.

In 2010, Sandie was inducted into the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame.

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4. Belinda Snell

Next on the all-time scorer list is Belinda Snell, with a total of 4770 points in 323 games.

She is an ex-Australian women’s national b-ball player. She has won two silver medals in b-ball at the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics, a bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics, a gold award at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, a gold award at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, a gold award at the 2006 World Championships, and a bronze award at the 2014 World Championships.

Snell was a guard and forward. Her passion for basketball began when she was eight years of age in the country Victoria area of Mirboo North for a blended gendered group.

For her teen years, she played for a group in Knox, Victoria, making a trip two hours to Melbourne every Friday night to play. She was subsequently chosen for the Country Victoria group.

5. Jessica Bibby

Jessica Bibby is fifth on the rundown, having gotten 4619 points throughout her career in 394 games; she is also a retired Australian sportswoman.

She has played many games in the WNBL and brought home a few WNBL Championships for the Dandenong Rangers and Canberra Capitals.

Bibby began playing in the WNBL in 1996. In her maiden season in the league, she was named the WNBL’s Betty Watson Rookie of the Year.

She has come out on top for a few titles in the WNBL. In January 2008, she played her 200th game in the association.

6. Robyn Maher

Sixth we have Robyn Maher; she garnered 4517 points in 369 games. Maher stays one of the most seasoned, influential, and appreciated players throughout the entire existence of Australian basketball.

She was the skipper for the Opals leading them to their first Olympic triumph – a bronze at Atlanta 1996 – and to one more bronze at the 1998 universes in Germany. On the whole, she played 374 games for Australia, 174 of those as commander.

Robyn Maher was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame for her contribution to basketball.

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7. Lucille Bailie

At last, we have Lucille Bailie coming in at seventh with 4250 points in 377 games.

In the WNBL, Bailie is put eleventh all-time for finals played with a sum of 17 and sits third for complete rebounds (2,305) and third for made field goals (1,777).

Granted the Australian Sports Medal in 2001, Bailie left a significant heritage as a good rebounder, solid defender, perfect team player, an outstanding leader, and a role model of the WNBL’s greats.

Bailie was inducted by five different symbols into the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame. At the same time, the Gaze Family, Maher Family, Sandy Blythe, and Sue Hobbs medals were additionally awarded to the extraordinary player of the Australian Boomers, Opals, Rollers, and Gliders.

Bailie played her junior basketball career with Bulleen before procuring an AIS grant and appearing in the WNBL as a teen in 1987.

In 1988, Bailie was named skipper of the AIS and was the debut victor of the WNBL Rookie of the Year grant as she arose as one of the WNBL’s maturing stars.

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