7 Biggest Sponsors Of Women’s Sports In Australia


Women are now competing in more sports than ever. The rise of women’s soccer and the Women’s National Hockey Team has helped to shine a spotlight on female athletes.

Australia is a country that boasts some of the best female athletes in the world. There are so many outstanding female athletes from Australia on the international stage.

However, while more women are participating in sports than ever, they still face many challenges to succeed in their careers.

This includes finding sponsors who believe in their potential and helping them stay motivated and focused on their goals.

Here are seven big sponsors who have been supporting women in Australia across all sports for decades, making it possible for them to compete at a high level in their respective fields:

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1. Nike

The Nike brand has been a global leader in the sports industry and one of Australia’s most significant sponsors of women’s sports.

The company sponsors the Australian women’s soccer team, basketball team, and cricket team (and many others).

Nike is known for its athletic apparel and shoes, but it also develops equipment for playing sports like golf and tennis.

Nike is a great sponsor for women’s sports in Australia. They provide high-quality, durable products designed to last and keep you comfortable. Nike is also known for providing excellent customer service and supporting local communities.

Nike has been sponsoring women’s sports for many years and is committed to helping female athletes achieve their goals. Nike understands that women come from all walks of life, so they offer products designed to fit any lifestyle or budget: from the most elite professional athletes to casual weekend warriors, there is something for everyone!

In addition to sponsoring athletes, Nike supports programs that help children become more active by running clubs or sponsoring events where kids can play sports together.

2. Adidas

The Adidas brand sponsors a wide range of women’s sports in Australia. They support many sporting events, teams, and individual athletes.

Adidas is known for its commitment to women’s sports. The brand has been an official sponsor of the Women’s National Basketball League and the Australian Football League for many years. They are currently sponsoring the Australian Football League Women’s Competition.

Adidas sponsors sports, including football (soccer) and cricket, and groups that Adidas sponsors include Chelsea FC and the Socceroos men’s national team.

Adidas is proud to sponsor women’s sports in Australia. Sport has power, and they believe it can help change the world.

By supporting women’s sports in Australia, they’re working towards a future where all girls can feel confident and proud to be who they are.

3. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has sponsored women’s sports in Australia for many years. The company provides financial support for female athletes, and it sponsors events that celebrate women in sports.

One way Coca-Cola does this is through its sponsorship of women’s sports, which allows it to spread awareness about the importance of gender equality throughout Australian society.

By sponsoring women athletes, Coca-Cola can highlight their achievements and encourage other young girls to follow in their footsteps through its advertising campaigns or during events.

As a sponsor of women’s sports in Australia, Coca-Cola has helped increase female athletes’ visibility and improved their access to financial support.

4. Asics

Asics is a Japanese company that makes running shoes and other athletic gear. They are one of Australia’s top sponsors of women’s sports, supporting domestic teams such as the Australian women’s soccer team and basketball squad.

Asics offers several great sponsorships for women’s sports in Australia. As a global leader in athletic footwear, Asics understands the importance of helping women reach their goals and achieve their dreams through sport.

Still, their commitment to Australian women’s sporting teams began when they signed up as an official partners with Australian women’s teams and clubs in various sports.

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5. A.H Beard

A.H Beard is a car manufacturer that has been in Australia since 1948. As the biggest sponsor of women’s sports in Australia, A.H Beard has a strong history of supporting women in sports through their Future Stars program, which helps girls aged 15-17 achieve their dream of playing at an elite level.

In addition to its ongoing support for female athletes and teams across many different sporting codes. A.H. Beard is the official sheet bedding partner of the Australian Institute of Sports. As a part of the exciting partnership, both institutions research the impact of rest on athletes.

The partnership sees A.H. Beard give mattresses to the AIS women athletes guaranteeing that Australia’s top female athletes are very much rested many nights.

A.H. Beard works closely with the AIS Physiology and Recovery Teams to assist with research into the advantages of rest and the improvement of rest programs for recuperation and optimal performance.

6. NAB

The National Australia Bank (NAB) is a major sponsor of women’s sports in Australia, sponsoring the Australian women’s cricket team, the Australian women’s soccer team, and the Australian women’s basketball team.

The NAB has been a sponsor of Cricket Australia since 2013, and as part of that partnership, they have also supported both domestic and international tours by the Southern Stars.

The bank has backed this up with an investment of millions over ten years to help develop female talent across all levels of cricket, including high-performance programs such as NAB AFLW Academy, which aims to find talented players aged 17-18 years old who could one day play for an AFLW club.

In addition to its sponsorship commitments, NAB has worked with the Australian Football League Commission to develop programs that help girls and women develop leadership skills through sport.

These include partnerships with local councils, school districts, and programs to support Indigenous youth through sport-based initiatives.

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7. Qantas Airlines

Qantas, a prominent sponsor of women’s sports in Australia, is also the largest airline in Australia.

It sponsors many national teams and sporting events, including the Australian Women’s Cricket Team and Australian Women’s Tennis Team.

Qantas Airlines has been a sponsor for women’s sports in Australia for a long duration of years. This sponsorship has included funding for national teams and events, from the state level all the way up to the Olympic level.

In addition to this financial support, Qantas frequently participates in community initiatives supporting women in sports.

For example, they’ve partnered with the famous Australian football club, the Western Bulldogs, to create an initiative called “Women of Footy.”

This program aims to encourage young girls and women to play football by providing sporting equipment and grants for coaching clinics.

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