6 Top Reasons Why Business Cards Will Always Be Important

Today, almost everything in business is digital. Everything can be done through our computer screens, from meetings to networking. 

While going digital has saved companies a lot of time and money, it can’t replace the personal touch that a one-on-one interaction adds. And business cards do just that! 

When you give someone your company card, you ask them to contact you and give them a chance to improve their relations with you through meaningful contact. 

Nearly 27 million business cards get printed every day all over the world, so we can be quite sure that these cards aren’t going out of style any time soon! 

So read on to know some of the top reasons why business cards will always be important.

1. Real networking is done offline

Even though online networking has become a thing today, offline networking techniques still make all the difference. 

You can share your company’s contact details with your clients over email or even social media platforms, but real business begins when you chat with them and give them your business card. 

Moreover, sending texts or emails on the spot not only looks unprofessional but is also impersonal. 

Two individuals texting each other even when they’re right in front of each other won’t create any significant memory, but exchanging business cards will.

2. You can share contact details easily

The primary use of a business card is to share your company’s basic details with the receiver. A card makes it much easier to pass on details like your company’s address, phone number, email address, and other significant details. 

Moreover, the person receiving the card also gets to know your name and job designation so that they can contact you when the time comes. 

Today, many businesses have started to produce digital business cards that can be tapped against the recipient’s smartphones. However, the chip on the digital cards must be compatible with the phones.

3. They are effective marketing tools

Digital marketing strategies like SEO optimization and email marketing are great, but business cards can be a powerful tool to enhance offline marketing. 

Remember, you can encounter a potential lead orally anytime, from attending a business conference to a casual chat in a coffee shop. 

You never know who might become interested in becoming your customer or business partner. Embossed cards for your business will ensure you never run out of leads, no matter where you are.

As long as you order business cards and keep a stack with you, you know you’re always ready to grab opportunities!

4. You can create a positive impression

Imagine a prospective client asking you to share your company’s contact details, and you scribble down your phone number and email ID on a rough piece of paper. 

While the client can still contact you, they’ll most likely choose not to simply because you made a poor first impression. 

To make a positive mark for yourself in the world of business, creating a great impression is everything. 

If you can take out a crisp-looking business card and hand it over to the client when they want your details, you’ll appear much more professional.

5. Creative cards get talked about

You might be surprised to hear this, but the design and thought you put into printing out your cards can determine many things. 

If they’re quirky and creative, the person who receives your cards will talk about them to their social or professional circle, increasing your network automatically. 

If you exchange phone numbers or email IDs, the conversation ends there. 

But if the business card you just gave out has lovely colors or a strong message printed on the back, it stays with the recipient for a long time.

6. They are affordable

Many business owners feel that printing a stack of business cards is costly, especially since many clients might throw them away instantly. 

But they’re much cheaper than many other marketing and networking strategies. And printing in bulk can fetch you attractive discounts too. 

Even if some recipients throw away your cards, others will keep them in their wallets or bags for future use. 

And if you’re worried about paper-based business cards being obsolete today, you can always switch to digital or NFC-based business cards. 

Over to you…

So, dear reader, now that you know how effective business cards are even today, it’s time to start printing your very own stack!

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