6 Sex Toys Every Woman Must Have

Little girls have turned into fully grown-up women. As they like to play dolls and cooking sets when they were small, their toys evolve, too. It becomes something more mature but still give them pleasure. Just in this case, a whole different version of “pleasure” is in them. As part of the physiological changes in women, their libido levels vary, too, causing the sex drive to rule the mind and body.

No bed experience can be fully driven by men only. It takes two to tango, as they say. Women become expressive of their needs in bed hence, they become resourceful of a broad array of ways to use to alleviate or to release the tension inside them through the aid of sex toys.

Why do we use sex toys?

Changing the routine: Routine sex and predicted bed performance make the experience boring. Your partner aiming to penetrate at the onset without tease and rolepay gives the signal of just-to-release feeling. The “rushed” feeling was never good! Sex toys give a different atmosphere and sense of push for couples to explore their sexuality and find mutual points of pleasure while engaging in sex.

Another conversation to have: Some couples tend to have lack of communication as they mature and create different worlds of their own. Conversations about what sex toy they will use, what extent do they have in exploring or when to have this intercourse to use the sex toys were some points of discussion between partners. As couples try to refuel their sex life, sex toys help adding that missing spice.

Avoiding fake orgasm: Some women are having difficulty getting to that climax of happiness in sex. Some of their muscles need to be warmed up and some nerve endings must be stimulated to create the arousal to be pushed to hit the peak. The use of sex toys creates that sensation, so women don’t need to fake their ejaculation in order to show satisfaction. Those add-ons create that conducive-for-sex ambience plus the boosting feeling of horniness.

Targeting pleasure points: Stimulating the body and the mind is never easy. Human initiated actions sometimes are not enough to create the necessary sensations to arouse your partner. The sex toys are devised to target those pleasure points so the sex experience will be extraordinary. They will be on point to turn a normal intercourse to something a couple will do again and again and will explore to gain more pleasure adding more excitement.

Here are six sex toys that a women must have to enjoy a more satisfying and engaging experience.

1. Mouth Ball

How to paint a picture of this instrument of happiness? It is a ball attached to a strap that goes around your head which goes into your mouth so it will inhibit you from talking. This unable-to-speak situation resembles how a woman is when her mouth of “full” of his manhood. The feeling of helplessness and submission is evident which add kink to the sex. For the femmes, the ball is made of silicon and is soft so it’s comfortable being “gagged” by it. This is when you will enjoy not much of talking as you listen to the instructions of your man or how your man describes how bad you were so you need to be punished – hardly!

2. Vibrating Panties

Horny everywhere? or you just want to tease your women down there? This vibrating panty will save the day! A tiny silicone device attached to the panties can stimulate the clitoris that makes a women ejaculate. One good must-have is rose toy for women to have that tongue-licking sex-perience. The tingling feeling on your clitoris gives the crazy sensation not only physically, but it is also mind-boggling. Play with it using a remote control and have fun! You just need to be careful in the mastery of your facial expressions so people around you won’t notice what is happening inside your panty. Anyone wearing it must have a good control of her emotions and orgasm!

3. Anal Plug

Want an additional must-have to your roleplay transforming it from boring to exciting? You can’t go wrong with a butt plug!
Your anus is super sensitive that ooze with sensation once stimulated. This can be used both by men and women which targets to eroticize the A-spot or G-spot. Anal plugs prepare your opening to accept a much bigger item to enter it making stretched enough to take “it” in.

4. Strap-On Dildo

Developed in 1960s by a ventriloquist, it was an alternative solution to a friend’s impotence where a made-up penis was made. Two women can find pleasure wearing this while this can also add arousal to the man watching the two women flirt with each other with this strap-on dildo. To add more excitement, a couple can add spice to the experience if the man uses the strap-on dildo to her women either through his anal or vaginal opening giving a dual orgasm!

5. Choker Collar

This is indeed a fine but kinky accessory of a women giving her neck the slim shape but classy feel. All the man should be is to attach a metal chain to it and pull giving that ‘dominant-submissive’ play in the sex activity. It gives your man the feeling of control while the woman feels overpowered and helpless. Safe words are being used to determine the extent of the pain that can be inflicted which enhance the arousal of both parties. The best use of this is the master-slave roleplay!

6. Erotic Stool

Want to have the ride of a lifetime? Take an erotic stool with you to have that wonderful sex-perience! This is a face-sitting chair designed to act as a sexual aid to conduct an oral sex to women. This gives an avenue for an intercourse with less effort as not much of weight is needed while one gives pleasure. Woman-on-top position will be easier to perform with this!


There are a lot more sex toys nowadays that women can choose from. Take into account the experience first and make your own list for yourself. Enjoy!

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